The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

27 weeks!!!!

Tomorrow our baby will be 27 weeks along!!!! I went to my OB appointment today and everything is looking good!!! The "weigh in" is always fun (I have tried convincing my doctor that my purse weighs 80 pounds, but I don't think he's buying it)!!! The baby finally held still long enough to actually COUNT the heart rate!!!! 165 beats per minute. I think I will give Dr. Chamberlain another month before I pin him down on what he thinks we're having. He's been right ALL 3 TIMES!!!! This is one of the fun things with not knowing what we're having!!! He cleared me to go do Disneyland next month (YEA!!!!) and despite it bugging the crap out of Randy, it is NOT unsafe for me to be sleeping on my stomach!!! I go to sleep on my side and wake up FLAT on my stomach!?! I've always been a big stomach sleeper, but it really bugs Randy when I'm pregnant!!!! I found out that heartburn can be helped with medication and that my hands going numb will stop after I have the baby!!!!

This pregnancy is so fun, challenging, but fun. There are weird things that happen because I'm older, but every time I feel this little baby move, it makes me smile!!! The kids and Randy love to feel the baby move. It made Maddison cry the first time. She tried so hard to feel it move but as soon as she puts her hands on my tummy, it STOPS!!!! So, she finally got to feel it move and it was an emotional thing for her. It was one of the only times she got to feel the baby. I think it will be a good thing once the baby is born if Maddison can sooth it that easy!!!!

The miracle of birth is so cool to me. I love that our Heavenly Father trusts us to do this special work!!!! Even though we have c-sections and it's all very scheduled and controlled, it is so exciting and fun!!!! I don't look forward to the surgery, but sometimes I think of having a newborn and the blessings they bring and it makes me so happy!!!!

I hope everyone is having a good Christmas break, so far, I know we are!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas break... YEA!!!!

I love it when my kids are home from school. My favorite days are the "pajama days" that we don't get dressed and we eat horrible food all day!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I love snuggling with my sweeties and just enjoying their company!!!! Hopefully we will find a "pajama day" or 2 in the next week!!! Here's to wishing you a couple days of down time too!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A needed post....

I've been needing to do a post about an experience we had, but I need to edit how I really feel and as you know, that's not an easy one for me!!! Randy and I had an impossible decision to make a couple of weeks ago. We AGONIZED over it for a week. We went back and forth from YES to NO a million times. Our hearts were saying YES and the Holy Ghost was telling us to say NO. We were so confused. We got priesthood blessings, went to the temple, enlisted the help of our family and our friends even organized a special fast for us. Still, we were confused. On faith alone, we went with NO. As it turns out, it was never a decision we needed to make. The State was not ready to do what they told us they were doing, therefor, it was never our choice to make. It was a situation that has changed our lives. Under all the anger, there are things that shine through this that we need to learn. Some things I learned:

*Don't ever trust DCFS. EVER. They (in our case) are NOT doing what is best for children. Job security is more important to them than removing a child from a dangerous place and dangerous people. (You have no idea how edited that is)

*Sometimes it's not the YES or NO that is important when we have a choice, it's what we do to make that decision. Did Randy and I get closer together? Did we lean on our Heavenly Father? Or did it tear us apart and make us loose faith? I'm happy to say we did what we were supposed to when faced with such a hard choice.

*And the most important lesson I learned is that our Heavenly Father is ALWAYS there for us. He was telling us what to do the whole time, we just wouldn't listen because it sounded like the wrong choice. I will never doubt Him again. I will never doubt the sweet feelings of The Spirit. NEVER.

I don't learn lessons easy and sadly Randy will be dragged through the mud with me while I learn these lessons, but we are bigger people because of this, and for that I am grateful.

To those who know the full story, remember that Heavenly Father will protect His children. One way or another. We have to have faith in that. It's the only way I can sleep at night.

Thanks for listening!!!