The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Sunday, January 13, 2013

An anniversary we love to remember!

Today is an anniversary that Randy and I love to celebrate. I think it's just as fun as our real wedding anniversary! It was 17 years ago on January 12th that Randy took me on our first date!!!

He had been coming in my work (Canyonland Gifts in the factory stores) to visit his sweet cousin, Wendy. They were really close, so we got to see a lot of this boy that just got off his mission to Scotland! I was in an extremely long term and committed relationship when I met Randy. He was fun and flirty. He would come in to visit Wendy and "play" with the rest of us too!

One day I was working and "Wendy's cousin" (because I couldn't remember his name) came in. I was standing in the doorway to the back room and Randy, in TYPICAL RANDY STYLE, brushed against me as he went through the door as if he was too big for the door (teasing, like always). But THIS TIME something strange happened. I got butterflies in my tummy. This can't happen! I'm not single! It freaked me out and for a while after that, I didn't know if I should even talk to him because I felt like I was having feelings for him and that would betray my current relationship. So, I backed off quite a bit. I made myself  kind of unavailable to talk to when he came in. 

Well, some time went on and some things happened with my relationship that were out of my control and my boyfriend and I broke up. It was not fun. It was not easy, but it was right.

Soon, "Wendy's cousin" heard I was single and asked me out! YIKES!!!!!!! I wrote RANDY on my hand the whole week in hopes I would remember his name. I was super nervous. I hadn't gone on a first date in 4 years!

Friday night rolled around, he picked me up at my house and we went to Taco Bell because the lines everywhere else were super long. We decided we would rather eat and chat than wait and chat! After dinner we went to the dumbest movie ever made, Bio Dome. But it's ok, there wasn't much movie watching going on ;)

I was having a sleepover with all the girls at work, so he took me over there and those poor girls got this giddy, ridiculously smitten Hopie that night!!! I was so happy! He made me feel so good! He was polite, funny, SO CUTE, he smelled good and his kisses were something I longed for more of!!!

As time went on, we dated more and more. To me, it was pretty quick that he was the man I wanted to be with forever. He honored his priesthood, he was a hard worker and he loved me. Those 3 things usually don't change. My family was afraid I was in a "rebound" relationship and they were very vocal about that. So, I tried to have an open mind and take it slow and separate the 2 relationships. But again, it was very clear to me that it was not a rebound!!!

It was a short 7 months later we were engaged and 2 months after that he took me to the St. George Temple to make me his bride!!!

So here we are, 17 full years later! There have been many ups and downs:

*6 pregnancies, 4 births, 2 kids with NICU stays and a foster baby that came and went.
*many surgeries
*4 jobs for me, the latest being the BEST!!! Stay At Home Mommy!!! 1 job for Randy!
*we went from 2 cars that seat 7 people to 3 cars that seat 18 people!?!?!?!
*we've had many church callings. For me, Relief Society presidency, Primary presidency, Young Woman presidency, the "party girl" and currently I'm the "bulletin babe". Randy's been in the Young Men presidency a few times, ward mission leader, Elder's Quorum presidency, Bishopric member and currently Scoutmaster.
*We've gone on about 30 Disneyland trips and many other great adventures!
*We've watched siblings get married and have babies and then we've seen those babies, have babies!
*We went from my first cell phone the "flip phone" (it was gigantic, but the only other option was "the brick" that contractors used and they couldn't fit in my purse) to my iPhone that I love so much!!!
*We've lost loved grandparents and had to support each other in those hard times.

But most of all, what has not changed is the love we have for one another! I still get butterflies in my tummy when I hear Randy pull in from work, just like 17 years ago. He still calls me his "little lady" even though most of me is anything but little. Our love has grown to a level that is amazing. We are as solid as a rock and it is very comfortable.

I'm so lucky to get to have Randy as my eternal companion. I am so grateful for that time, 17 years ago that he looked at me and for whatever reason, wanted to take me out! It has been extremely fun with a few challenges and I wouldn't change ONE THING!!!!

Here's to the NEXT 17 years! I love you Babe!!!