The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Thanksgiving Weekend!!!

Thanksgiving weekend this year DID NOT disappoint!!! We started out on Wednesday morning, waiting for my Grandma Albrecht to get here from Vegas to go to my Uncle Barry's house is Pleasant View, UT (also known as the great white tundra). We pulled the kids out of class early so we could get there at a descent time. On our way up it was raining like crazy, we weren't too worried about our luggage in the cargo carrier, atop the Tahoe, after all, it was "water resistant". We had the opportunity to take every one's pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House in SLC to help give back to the house from when we stayed there almost 7 years ago... ANYHOW, we had SO MANY tabs THANK YOU EVERYONE and they were so happy to see us. It is always an emotional place for us to go. It brings back so many scary memories. So, on we go.... up north even further!!! We got to my aunt and uncle's house in pretty good time. It was so great to be with them again. As we got our luggage out of the cargo carrier, we realized the difference in "water resistant" and "water PROOF".... our clothing was SOAKED!!! I ended up drying and re-folding ALL of our laundry for the 4 day trip 5 people X 4 days... lots of laundry!!! Uhggg.....The next day was Thanksgiving.

Dinner was SO FREAKIN YUMMY!!! My Uncle Barry is the best cook!!! Yummy, yummy and more yummy!!! Bear and Iva brined the turkey this year, the bucket wasn't big enough, so someone had to keep going out to "squirt Bob's (the turkey) a**". Couldn't leave his butt out of the fun!!! We have a lot to be thankful for. As a tradition, we go around the table to tell something we are thankful for. When we came to Tyler, he requested to go last. When it was his turn, he simply said, in his cute little 6 year old voice, "I am thankful to have my mom and dad and sisters". I am such a baby!!! I cried so hard. He didn't say anything about his gameboy or Pokemon cards. THAT'S what it's all about. As a special bonus, we got to see another one of my favorite cousins, Rebecca, up from Vegas to see her mom. It was great!!! That night my Aunt Iva decided since the boys were going buffalo hunting for 2 days that we should do something before they leave, just the girls. So, we went to Twilight. I haven't read the books, so I didn't really know what all the fuss was about. All I can say is.... I'm in love with a vampire!!!! Woohooo Edward Cullen!!!! My grandma is a Jacob fan, but for me.... Edward all the way!!! I absolutely LOVED the movie!!!

The next day, Bear, Randy and Dallen, were on their way to Montana for a buffalo "harvest". Not really a "hunt", but you get to kill a big, huge, buffalo. When I found out they would be right by Yellowstone, I made sure Randy would take a picture of himself by the sign, just for Gina. She loves Yellowstone and I thought it would be fun to tease her!!!

The boys had fun "bonding". I don't need to know what they do when there aren't girls around, do you? Too much burping and farting, if you ask me!!!

This is the mighty hunter man and his nice kill. They brought the hide home. I took pictures, but they make me gag, so I didn't put them on here. It's just gross.

On the way home from Montana, they got into some snow, glad it was them and not me!!!

Before we knew it, it was time to come home. The kids played so much and had such a great time. My cousins Elizabeth and Danielle are just the best and Dallen totally rocks. Whenever we are with that family, it reminds me of how much I love them and miss them. We were lucky to get to spend the whole time with my grandma too. She is the best grandma anyone would ask for. I am 32 and she still makes me feel like I am the most important person in her life. I want to be that kind of grandma.

We got home pretty quick.... um, well, considering my brother-in-law is a UHP trooper, maybe I shouldn't say how fast we got home. Our speedometer hasn't been working right and after a few hours in the car, it feels like you're going slower than you really are. We got home in 5 hours, including a lunch break and 2 potty stops. I am SO glad I have a heavy foot, when we pulled
in what did I find? My 2 best friends, Anna and
Gina trying to sabotage my house as payback from a previous prank I pulled on Anna.... GOTCHA!!!!! It was great to catch them red-handed!!! Anyhow, it was one of the best holidays ever. We all had such a wonderful time. I love my family. I am so blessed, I never take that for granted. I hope you all had as good of a time with your families too!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monkey see.... monkey do....

I took this video of Cambelle that I thought was pretty funny. Randy had just got home from playing paintball with the scouts (thus the camo) and started to look at the new toy magazine. Cambelle decided to check it out with him. The funny part is Cambelle licking her finger because Randy licks his. She doesn't know why he (or she) licks it, she doesn't care. She's just doing what her daddy does.... ENJOY!!!! By the way, we're going to my Uncle Barry's house up north for Thanksgiving, I'll have fun stuff to blog when I get home because Randy gets to go on a buffalo hunt while we are there, so until then HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

We saw Ellen!!!

Here's the scoop on our Ellen Show in Vegas. First I want to say that in the perfect world, I would have had ALL my friends and family there, in reality... that just didn't happen for this show. I look forward to going again and going with everyone that wanted to go and couldn't because of ticketing. So, the day was filled with excitement. We (my sisters, Blanche and Launa, my niece, Brittney, Gina) started out at Brittney's at 9am. Watch out Vegas!!! When we got to Caesar's Palace we had time to get our tickets from Carlos (his dad works with Blanche), we ate and got in line for the show. Amy (another niece) got there just in time to walk in the doors. There was no more parking at Caesar's, she had to valet park. We were all so excited.

This is Gina and I in the Colosseum before the show.

On this show we knew we were going to see Bette Midler, Pink and an illusionist. We were all the most excited to see Pink!!! But I must say that the illusionist totally had me, I had no idea that the bulge in the platform he was standing on was a girl that would appear from nowhere!!!! THAT was great!!! (refer to past blog post titled "Wanna know what I hate")

Bette was so fun. She's tiny!!! But Pink, ohhhhh baby!!!! She rocked that show so much!!! She was so much fun. She sang So What and then her newest song, Fun House. Absolutely wonderful!!!

2 of my sisters, Launa and Blanche.

The whole gang, Gina, me Brittney, Blanche, Amy and Launa.

The Colosseum holds 4000 people. It was full plus a riff raff room (if you watch the show, you know what that is). This is Carlos that got us our tickets!!! He was great!!! Before we got into the Colosseum, Carlos showed us the stand-by line... 600 people waiting for tickets (3 hours before the doors opened) and the line was getting longer!!!

Our seats were 15 rows back on the main floor!!! They were great seats. At one point Ellen came dancing down our isle (Launa was on the isle seat) and then danced one row behind us. She was so close to us, I could see where her hair was streaked blond. Look there's Tony!!!

Anyhow, the atmosphere was a lot like a concert. Lots of dancing, singing along to great music with the coolest sound ever, screaming, ect... During commercial breaks, they would play fun music and everyone would dance and sing. The energy was amazing!!!

This is in the powder room of one of the bathrooms. With pregnant chicks and old chicks, you find out where all the bathrooms are!!!

So, it was an experience of a lifetime. I just wish everyone could have gone. Our show will air this Monday. If you watch the show, look for us!!! When you're looking at the stage we are over by Tony (the DJ). We are in the left section (looking at the stage), 15 rows back. With 4000 people in the audience, there is a good chance we wont even be seen, which is fine with me. But, you never know I guess!!! If you ever have the chance to go to a filming of the Ellen DeGeneres show, I would go!!! It was really a great time!!! Overall, we laughed, we were sweaty, we sang, we rocked out, we got really tired and had a BLAST!!! Wish you all could have been there!!! Maybe next time!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ellen update

So, everything is set for tomorrow. She films a day early, so our show SHOULD be the one that airs on Monday. I'll let you know if that's not right. On her show today, she stated that for her Vegas show, her guests would be Pink (so excited), Bette Midler (pretty cool), and an illusionist!!!! I have a blog post recently about my love of magic... can't wait for that one!!!! We are all so stoked, who's going? Me, Gina, my sisters, Blanche and Launa, and my nieces, Amy and Brittney!!!! It's gonna be a blast!!! I'll let you know when it's on!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Guess where I am going on Friday!!!! That's right.... to a taping of the Ellen DeGeneres show in Vegas!!!! I just barely got the e-mail confirmation for our tickets!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am thankful...

I am thankful that I don't have to deal with the terrible things happening in California right now. I am so sad for our brothers and sisters in CA. When Randy and I went to the Temple on Saturday, I had a thought of how hard it would be to go in those doors with people yelling at us and calling us names. What would I do? I know I would feel horrible. There are a lot of people that are not of our faith that voted for Prop. 8 and yet our members are taking such a hit. Can you imagine on your wedding day, outside the Temple that you have dreamed of your whole life, getting ready to take the pictures that will hang on your wall forever and hearing the awful things that the protesters are yelling. My hearts go out to our members in CA and those that don't understand why we feel the way we do on this matter. I hope Heavenly Father can help everyone find love in their hearts.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I want to go dancing!!!

Have you ever had an itch that you can't scratch? Well, I have one right now.... I want to go dancing so bad I hurt all over!!! I need a fix really bad. When the kids sleep at the grandparent's houses, we used to go dancing, well, since John closed the Dance Factory, we haven't had anywhere to go. I HATE IT!!! Randy and I have taught dancing at some ward parties and other gatherings before and that has helped with this issue, but nothing lately and I am going nuts!!! We love dancing, I say WE and mean it. Randy has always been a good sport, but when it comes to going dancing, he was the one that got ME into it. It's a lot of fun for us. When I was huge pregnant with Cambelle, I wanted to go one more time before I had her, my sister, Blanche threw a fit and said I would need to get authorization from my doctor... so, not only did I get his blessings, I have a note on my fridge that is written on his prescription pad that says, "Hope CAN go dancing" with his signature at the bottom!!! So that's what I did, 3 days before the scheduled c-section, we all went for one last hoorah. How awesome is that? I am so desperate right now, that I called my friend that books the church to see if it was booked this Saturday... I thought, "I'll just make my our dance party!!!", but someone had already reserved it.... bummer. Anyhow, there WILL be a dance party soon, I just don't know when. I need it, don't we all?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

National Adoption Day... CELEBRATE!!!

Today is National Adoption Day and there should be a big party. My adoption was a little different than most that are celebrated today, but not any less special that's for sure. The facts are that my biological parents couldn't take care of me the way they needed to, so fortunately for me, my maternal grandparents were able to adopt me which I know couldn't have been easy. That made me the youngest of 6 girls!!!! My whole life, I have always been told, and truly believe, that I was supposed to be in this family, I just had to get here a different way. My sisters believe that and my parents do to. I am so lucky to have the best parents in the world and family that has supported their decision my whole life. I was 3 1/2 when I was adopted and 5 when I got sealed to my parents. I remember those days IN COLOR. I knew they were important days and I have been blessed with the memories to stay with me. I have friends that are adopted and friends that are and have been in the process of adoption. I applaud you all. I admire you very much. I also admire the birth parents who have put children up for adoption for the opportunity they give for their kids to have the life they deserve. Celebrate today for love, there is a lot of hate out there right now, this is something positive to celebrate!!! This picture was taken at my parent's 50th wedding anniversary party with my parents, all of my sisters and brother-in-laws!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yea, I have an opinion!!!

If you came here from Facebook... WELCOME!!! I have a lot to say about nothing, now that you're here, enjoy!!! Everyone has opinions and this happens to be an outlet for me. I love blogging and the friends that I have that blog also. Love who you are and what you believe in. I know I do!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My new favorite song

I was watching Cross Roads on CMT the other night with Taylor Swift and Def Leppard, weird combo you would think but they were AMAZING together!!! Anyhow, I heard a song I can't get out of my head, it's a Taylor Swift song called Love Story. I love the way it flows, I love her voice and I just think it's the cutest song. I can't get enough of it, take a listen!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Yesterday was so much fun. I got a new church dress on Saturday from my Aunt Vicky and Grandma in Vegas. So, I got to wear a new outfit to church!!! That was cool. Randy had meetings from 8am to 4:40pm, so we didn't see him much, but then we went to Randy's parent's house for by "birthday dinner". His mom will make anything you want for your birthday!!! It's so cool how birthdays are such a big deal in that family!!! I chose for dinner, mayonnaise chicken, green bean casserole and funeral potatoes (for the whimps that wont eat the green beans), corn bread muffins, and my FAVORITE.... sugar cookies with pink frosting!!! Oh, I am so lucky!!! It was more fabulous than I can even say, even if Steven keeps telling me that the green bean casserole looks like throw up, I still love it!!! I asked Steven to sing for me, he wouldn't but he did offer to use his taser on me!!! Oh, the love!!! No really, I'm convinced that's how he shows love, threatening me with the taser!!! I got so many calls, e-mails, text messages, facebook and blogger comments yesterday. THANK YOU!!! When we got home, I was so pooped that I fell asleep on the big bag at 10pm!!! Weird. Anyhow, the celebrations continue today with my birthday lunch with my sisters and nieces, then dinner with the Clyde's tonight!!! Why is my butt so big? So hard to figure out!!! I just hope my sisters ordered the stripper I wanted for lunch!!! YEA!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


And I like birthdays!!! So we're gonna celebrate by dancing on the table at my in-law's house tonight!!! Hope they don't mind!!! Wooohooo!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

How do you sleep?

I found this funny article about how the position you sleep in determines what kind of personality you have. I thought it was interesting. I have always been a stomach sleeper and an extreme snuggler. My apologies to anyone who had ever had to sleep with me, my sisters, other family members (Amy), drill team members (Natalie and Kammee, cuz they fought less than everyone else when it came to sleeping with me), Gina, Anna and the one who is still affected by this, Randy. I LOVE snuggling. Not just, "let's touch" snuggling, I'm talking, full-body-on-you snuggling. Randy makes no jokes when talking about how when we were first married, it took him a solid month to sleep at all trying to get used to being mauled. Me? I slept fine!!!
So what's the big deal? Randy teases that we have a king bed and we really only need a twin... I would be fine with that!!! Other than snuggling, I LOVE being on my stomach. FLAT on my stomach arms under my pillow, or if I am on the floor, under my thighs. I don't know what it is about laying on the floor, flat on my face. I will fall asleep every time like that, my mother-in-law can testify to that!!! So, the personality thing is pretty right for me. I'm trying to catch my kids in one sleeping position to test them, but I haven't been able to do that yet. My kids all got the cuddle gene too, especially Tyler. That boy can spoon!!! Wooooeeee!!! Anyhow, I had fun reading this article, you might too!!! Happy sleeping!!! By the way... like the picture? Doesn't Tyler know he is in the "danger zone"?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wanna know what I hate?

Magic. That's right, magic. I can't ever figure it out, it just leaves me confused and angry. Why am I annoyed by it now? I just saw some on a commercial. Uhhhgggg.... annoying!!! I don't care if it's a simple card trick, or cutting a cute girl in half... I hate it!!! You know what would make it entertaining for me? Actually cutting the girl in half on accident.... that would be fun to watch!!! I don't like it when someone pulls a quarter out of my ear, seriously, let's see you do a $50. THAT'S MAGIC!!! What about a rabbit out of a hat? Come on, now!!! If you ever want to do a magic trick on me, think again. The only magic trick I want to witness is watching the 80 pounds I have gained since I was 20, disappear!!! Or how about magically putting $10,000. in my savings account? THAT'S MAGIC!!! My mom would ask me at this point of the post, "do you feel better now?" and my answer would be, "YES"!!! Now, go enjoy a magic trick!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

MySpace Countdown Clocks

People tag

I saw this on Steph's blog. I always think it's fun to see what other people have to say about their loved ones. So, I thought I would give it a whirl...

Go through your list of blog links and tell a little about each one.

Holly Zitting- sister from another mister. Should have been enemies in the "past life", can't live without each other now!!!
Michelle Campbell- our husbands served in Scotland together, we could definitely hang!!!
The Owens Bunch-Micah and Angie went to school with me. It's fun to see what they are up to.
Angie Anderson- one of my favorite neighbors EVER!!! I love her to pieces. The first words out of my mouth to her, "are you the cleaning lady?". Beat that!!!
Heather Hansen- another neighbor I love. She cracks me up!!! Killer sense of humor.
Steve and Megan Johnson- our boys grew up on H-town together. We've become great friends.
The Dennison's- I love Brenda. She is what I want to be when I grow up, even if she's only a couple years older than me!!!
The Stratton's- Holly's sister-in-law. We fight over who had their "Lip Trix" sticker on our car first!!! We rock!!!
Katie Smith- her mom was one of the most influential people in my life. Katie is really someone to look up to. Beautiful inside and out.
Jenny McLaws- umm.... let's just say we were almost sisters-in-law!!! I love Jen!!! NEXT!!!
Laura Hall- her husband and I were cell mates for homicide. We became friends after that!!!
Charmiane Hansen- I was one of her bratty girls in YW or Merry Miss, can't remember. Then she moved to Randy's ward in Hurricane and then when Randy and I got married, Gene and Charmaine were in our ward!!! Lots of connections.
Brian and Kim McLaws- I love them!!! We've known them since the pre-existence (that means 80 pounds ago).
Yvonne Bohne- married one of Randy's favorite cousins. Making her a favorite cousin also!!!
The Baker's- Holly's sister, Randy's uncle's step-daughter. Heidi is friends with too many of Randy's ex-girlfriends, if you ask me!!!
Miranda Ford- I worked at the gym with her for a while. LOVE HER!!!
The Palmer People- Maryann, when did we meet? I have no idea, but she's amazing and we just found out we both kissed the same guy 100 years ago!!! Not Randy. Not naming.
Venna Rae Bradshaw- belongs to mine and Blanche's "fat club". You can't join unless you are initiated properly.... all three of us were!!! Believe me!!! She kills me.
Alton Fam- Gina, hmmmm....I don't remember how we know each other.... oh yea!!! I almost married her brother, dumped him, kept her, married Randy and lived happily ever after. I like that one!!! I also predicted that she would marry Mike!!! I win!!!
Brandi Johnson- I'm her stalker, don't tell her.
Sarah Clyde- notice the last name? She's Randy's cousin that is dying because her fiance isn't in America with her.
Andrea Dennison- Brenda's daughter, cutest girl in our YW!!!
Doug and Tiff McLaws- refer to Jenny McLaws above. I love them!!!
Angie and Jeromy Holmes- fellow ward mates and friends. I knew Angie from the bank I used to work at. He's one of the most talented painters on Earth and she's one of the most beautiful!!! Good combo.
Bryan and Aubrey Clyde- notice last name? Yep, cousins!!!
Twila Kay- her sister married Randy's brother but our families go WAY back!!!
Dallen Albrecht- one of my favorite cousins. I was born an Albrecht...can't get away from it so I guess I'll embrace it!!!
Sara Hirschi- grew up with her, kinda. We were on Jetettes together and both of us fell for those cute Hurricane boys!!!
Angel and Kelby Clyde- do you see a pattern? Cousins. Love them!!!
Cam and Ronni Blair- neighbors first, friends now... greatest sense of humor!!! They kill me!!!

This was kinda fun. I did it in blog order on latest posts. One of the fun things I like about blogs is we get to see people we all know but didn't know we knew!!! Make sense? If you want to do this... I tag you!!!