The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy birthday Maddison!!!

11 years ago today, we had our sweet Maddison. We never imagined how enriched our lives would be because of her!!!! I love that she memorizes music like me, corrects her dad when he sings the wrong lyrics, has the calming effects that her dad gave her and most of all, I love how she loves. She is the best daughter to have. We are truly blessed to have been picked to be her parents!!!! WE LOVE YOU MADDISON!!!! Now, stop growing because it's freaking your daddy out!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Yep... this is really my home phone and this is really a call I got. NO I did not answer it!!!! It's about time telemarketers got honest!!!! HAHAHA!!! Have a good weekend, everyone!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A weird playdate!!!!

So, Cambelle had her stitches in for 9 days and it was time to get them out!!! Last Thursday was the day!!! She was having her friend, Ky come over to play. Well, Cambelle wanted Ky to go with her for the big event. Ky has had some health issues in the past, so I called her mom to makes sure she wouldn't freak out by going into Instacare and ask if that would be ok. Her mom told me she would be fine, so we proceeded with our plans!!!

Look at those beautiful browns!!!! Ask me why she gets everything her little heart wants!?!
Thursday morning, I got a call from Ky's mom asking if I was still planning on going to Instacare after I got the girls from school (Cambelle and Ky are in the same class and we carpool) and I told her yes. Well, Ky's doctor had called that morning and needed her to go to the Sunset Instacare for some blood work. Her mom suggested that we just meet there and do the two girls at the same time!!!!

Waiting for their TURNS!!!

The girls were THRILLED!!!! Cambelle would get to go with Ky for her to get "poked" and Ky would get to go with Cambelle to get her stitches out!!!! WHAT A PLAYDATE!!!!! How funny is THAT?

Good times!!!

I guess this is a playdate we wont ever forget!!!! It's good to have FRIENDS!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The big news!!!!

So, I have resisted sharing some good news and I will tell why later.
I am 13 weeks along and I've been really sick, so it feels like a LOT longer!!!! We are really excited!!! We found out we were pregnant 4 days before we had to give Nathan back to his parents and this pregnancy was COMPLETELY PREVENTED!!!!! So, no doubt in our minds that this was Heavenly Father's was of helping us through that transition.

I have been reluctant to share this news and there are good reasons. My blog is public (and I am going to keep it that way). I have shared it with my Facebook friends already because I have my FB locked up like Fort Knox and know that the people I don't want in, can't get in.

You see, when we got Nathan, we had the state and some family members accuse us of only wanting him to "replace" the miscarriage we had last fall. NOTHING will replace our own child. That was so offensive. Then those same family members took it a step further and to my face, compared me to the lady in the story of King Solomon in the Bible:

*There were 2 women that claimed they were a baby's mom. They took him to the King and he ordered that the baby be cut in half and each woman get half of the baby. Well, the real mom stepped up and told them to give the baby to the fake mom and that's how they knew who the real mom was.*

Precious, huh? Yes, my very own family was accusing me of being like THOSE women. I can't even tell me how hurtful that was for Randy and I. It's something I may never forgive, but I'm working on it. The level of betrayal was just shocking.

Anyhow, you can probably imagine why I haven't wanted to go public with this new and exiting news of ours. I know that those family members will probably find out that we are pregnant now and I anticipate that they will say that we only got pregnant to "replace" Nathan, so I have been gearing up for that. BRING IT!!!!!

I feel that I am rambling, but I had to explain some things before I could go on with future posts about the pregnancy. I pray that everyone can start to "play nice", but the reality is, that probably wont happen!!!!

So, here's to a Wednesday of not being sick (positive thinking, right?)!!!!

Thanks for your understanding and support!!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I overheard a conversation after church today that I thought was worthy of blogging.....

Cambelle, "It is SO hot!!!!"

Maddison, "you know, if dad was here, and you were mom, he would say, 'YES YOU ARE!!!!".

Hahahaha!!!! I'm glad I have Randy fooled!!!! And I'm also glad that my girls understand how much their dad loves me!!!! I am a lucky girl!!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good bloody hell!!!!

Tuesday evening, we went to Target for the kids to spend their allowance. When we got home, Randy and I went across the street and were talking to our neighbors outside. I knew the kids would be opening their new things and I had no worries about that.

Well, some time after we had been out there talking, Tyler ran out of the house and yelled, "CAMBELLE CUT HERSELF, WE NEED HELP!!!!!". Thinking it was probably nothing, I asked Randy if he would go take care of it. It was about 30 seconds later, Tyler ran back out of the house again and yelled, "DAD SAID COME NOW!!!". So, I knew it was time to get my butt in the house.... quickly.

What did I find? Cambelle sitting in the bathroom sink, blood EVERYWHERE (and when I say everywhere, I mean..... EVERYWHERE, it was on the mirror, counter, sink, door, cupboards, floor, wall, light switch, and every other surface in the bathroom). It looked like a murder had happened. Randy was trying to rinse her finger off to see how bad the cut on her finger was. It was so bad that it wouldn't stop bleeding. What I could see, it was obvious that we needed to get stitches.

I called my mom and dad and pretty much said, "come here now, we're going to Instacare with Cambelle, please put the kids to bed". I wrapped a wash cloth around her bleeding finger and told her to hold it. We got in the car and were off!!!! By the time I got her checked into Instacare, she had taken the wash cloth off and it had stopped bleeding. Looking at it..... oh yes, stitches. The tip of her pointer finger on her left hand was filleted wide open!!!!

We went back, the nurse took one look at the wound and took us to the "procedure" room... GREAT!!!! It happens to be the same room Cambelle got staples in her head a few years ago!!!!

The doctor came in, took one look and confirmed that she would need stitches. Because of all the nerve endings in your finger tips, topical cream wouldn't work..... a block would be needed!!! OUCHIE!!!!!
Thank goodness we had a nurse that understood that this pregnant mommy would NOT be able to see her baby getting needles in her hand and told me when not to look. Cambelle cried a little, but didn't flinch A BIT!!!!! The doctor said that she was the most brave 5 year old he has ever seen, and he was being serious about it. He kept telling us that kids her age NEVER hold that still. We were proud of her.
3 stitches and a purple wrap later, we were on our way!!!! We have to keep it covered, dry and then get the stitches out 9 days later. She's been a good sport about it. That night when the numbing was wearing off, she was crying and whimpering in her sleep :( Poor baby. She was a little crankier than normal the next morning, but nothing after that!!!! SHE ROCKS!!!!
She has learned a big lesson, never use the "big" scissors. And I have learned a big lesson, blood is hard to get out of carpet!!!! It started out about the size of a hand towel and I have it down to about the size of a 50 cent piece!!!! It's been a bugger, though!!!!

Anyhow, we are glad that is all that happened!!!! She is such a tough, little nut!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daniel and Danielle!!!!!

My cousin, Danielle got married on August 21st in Ogden and I got to be the wedding photographer!!!! We went up on a Thursday and came home on Sunday. Yep, I got to spend ALL WEEKEND with the Albrechts!!!! Ohhhh man, how I love that family!!!!

I put the wedding photos on my photography blog. There are some really fun ones!!!!

I had been AWFUL sick and was praying that when it was time to be the wedding photographer that I would be ok. Well, we go out to do bridals.... dry heaving, chillin at the house..... dry heaving, the whole weekend.... dry heaving, but one hour before the wedding, Heavenly Father answered my prayers and for the first time in 2 months, I wasn't sick at all for the 5 hours of the wedding!!!! Seriously, it was a miracle!!!!

Here's my Uncle Barry, Aunt Iva and their family.
They are just the best. I love them so much!!!!

The best Grandma in the whole world. It's ok to be jealous!!!
Grandma Albrecht and Danielle!!!!

This is how an Albrecht does ANYTHING.... Coke in hand!!!!
I love my Uncle Bear!!!

My Aunt Vicky and Trey!!!! We had a blast with them!!!

Joanna and Marc came from Vegas!!! I love spending time with them!!!!

She will always be "daddy's little girl". Always!!!
There were so many tender moments I got to see between those 2.
Before Danielle walked down the isle, I couldn't even
shoot a picture because of the tears!!!

Another one of those "daddy's little girls"!!!
Randy and Cambelle dancing the night away!!!

The way Danielle feels about her now HUSBAND is still the
same way I feel about mine!!!!
How lucky am I?
This is Randy's "serious" face... we don't see it often....
he cracked a smile right after this!!!!

We had an absolute blast that weekend!!! The older I get, the more I realize how things are different for me than some. I have these wonderful sisters that I was raised with and that offer love and support every single day of my life. But when I am with the Albrechts, I feel COMPLETE. If that makes any sense. I am WHOLE when I am with them. It's such a comforting feeling to know that I have ALL parts of my life covered. It's like wrapping up in a warm blanket. I KNOW who I am when I am with the Albrechts and could give a crap less of what people think about me, because I know THEY love me!!!!!

Anyhow, thanks Danielle and Daniel for the dream-like wedding and thanks Bear and Iva for being such wonderful people!!! I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Open Sesame!!!!

Lately, I have been very edited in what I say on my blog. Since dealing with the state, I feel like I have this dragon breathing down my neck and haven't wanted to make them mad. Well, I'm pretty much over that!!!! I'm not sure why I really give a crap. I have always been very confident and not worried about what others think about me, why have I started now? There are things going on with my life that I don't want certain people to know about because they tend to blow things out of proportion, but I'm not willing to "hide" things anymore. It's ridiculous. I was born an Albrecht and have a strong desire to say, "kiss my ass" a lot!!!! I haven't felt like myself when I've been editing everything that comes out of my mouth.... so I'm done!!!! If you don't like what you are reading, stop following me. If you like it, follow away!!!!! I'm grateful for those people who have loved and supported me my whole life and there are a lot. So, I'm not playing patty cake anymore, I'm me and when you tune into my blog, that's what you're gonna get!!!!!! ENJOY THE RIDE!!!!