The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Team Clydesdale

My sweet niece, Layla had Type 1 Diabetes and there was a walk organized to raise funds for a cause/cure and raise awareness! Now, other than raising funds for it, we wanted to do something special. They came up with the team name, Team Clydesdales!!!! Then Randy got an idea of a horse to draw that would be cool for an 8 year old girl. He's so talented!!! This is a bad picture, but this is where he was before he added some fun touches.

Yes, we like our shirts!!! Purple is Layla's favorite color, so that was cool!!!

I just had to see if Randy's bum felt any different with his Team Clydesdale shirt on!!!! 
It was better than ever!!! 

The final product!!! Layla LOVED them!!!! GOOD JOB RANDY!!!
We walked and laughed and had a great time!!! I know I have other pictures, I just don't know where they are right now. I can't wait till next year. Hopefully Harper will be able to walk it with us and not be in a stroller and hopefully we will be able to get really committed to the fund raising end of it!!!

WE LOVE YOU, LAYLA!!!! Thanks for letting us support you!!!!

Back in the game!!!

I HATE guilt. I hate knowing that I have totally slacked off on my blog, so there's only way to fix this..... TIME TO BLOG!!!!!! I will be posting a lot until I get caught up to where I think I should be!!!

In May, I decided to take the kids out to Snow Canyon State Park and play in the sand!!! We had SUCH a fun time!!! We loaded up on Sunblock and water, found some toys to play with and headed out to make some fun memories!!!
It was pretty hot for just being the beginning of May, but what do you expect? The kids were digging and burying things and doing it again!!!

Tyler couldn't get away from Harper, she liked his sand!!!

This is the beautiful, orange sand that I grew up in!!! I LOVE IT!!! I love that it's only a few minutes away and that I don't have to wash it out of our clothes all the time!

We were cleaning sand out of stuff for WEEKS after going to the sand dunes, but we had a great time and we look forward to going again soon!!!