The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A lesson in tolerance and love.....

Sometimes in life, there are times that we have the opportunity to learn and feel feelings that are not every day feelings. 

Last week, I got to meet a friend that I've been on Facebook with for about a year and a half. David, in brown is a close friend to my cousin, Tam. David and I became friends through Tam. He's a GREAT guy! He and his partner of 10 years, John live together in San Francisco. We have developed a relationship of trust and love. I absolutely adore David. He has had some life experiences that are not fun, horrible actually. 

But he has a heart unlike anyone I've ever met.

David's mother lives in St. George. They have had their struggles and are not close. Sadly, David's mom, Peggy passed away 2 weeks ago. He and John came for the service and my children and I had the pleasure of meeting these 2 beautiful people.

They had a lot of family things going on, as expected with a funeral, so I was aiming for just a few minutes to meet these men and show them support. They had a break for a few minutes and were able to come to my house.

As we know, we live in "heterosexual land", so I felt I needed to maybe prepare my kids about our visitors. I told the older 3 kids, "Tam has some friends, David and John that are coming over to visit. David and John are gay, just like Tam and Sharon. They live together in California and are in love." I've always talked very openly to my kids about how all people are different and we all get to chose how we live. I expected some questions, I didn't know what kind of questions they would ask. My lovely children asked, "okkkkk, so when will they be here?!" No questions at all about them living together or loving each other.... NOTHING!!!! Just......"ok! So when will they be here?!"

It's one of those moments that you just sit back and let the tears flow. My kids are such good kids. We have tried to teach them that people are all different, including us! Some people smoke, drink, have tattoos, use different language, wear different clothes, and enjoy different activities than we do. 
But that simply means that we have a lot to learn and grow from. 

My kids GET IT!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!! When they see people making different choices than we do, they see beyond those obvious differences and are starting to see that everyone is important and deserve to be loved. I'm so proud of my children.

David and John came over to our house and chilled for a few minutes. Not long enough at all, but we are grateful for the few minutes we got!

Some of the things I took away from our meeting is:

*David has one of the best hugs I have ever felt, ever! I didn't want to let go of him! When he hugs you, you can FEEL his pure love and appreciation he has for you. So warm and comforting. Just lovely in every way. 

*I learned that they are such beautiful people, clear to the core of their beings. 

*I learned that David is lucky to have John by his side to help him through this hard time of losing his mother. 

*I learned that I am blessed to have the privilege of being a friend of these men. As long as they will tolerate me being a crazy Mormon mom, 
I will take so much away from this relationship.

*I am proud of my children's ability to love and have compassion for those I love. All 3 kids asked in the following days if the boys got home safely and expressed to me how much fun they had while David and John were in our home, even asking when it would be that we could see them again.

David just couldn't control himself!!! haha!!!! I love this man so much! He is such a blessing in my life. I thank my cousin, Tam for sharing her David with me!!! I'm a lucky girl!

I love you David and John and I look forward to years of fun and hopefully more time together, in person!!!!!