The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have a lot of blogging to do, but I have been a bit busy, tired and frankly, I'm sick of people using my blog against me. Yep, there are people in Internetland that don't know me and continue to take parts of my blog out of context and want others to think that I have lost my mind or that I'm a violent person, ect. It's getting old but I refuse to go private for my own reasons that I don't have to justify here. I just wish that the people who want to hurt me or my family would just mind their own business and realize that no one is perfect. We all have our issues and I guess if you're that much better than me, then go ahead, pick away at me and my blog. One day you will realize that you are a pathetic and sad human being. In the meanwhile, I will continue to be the best person I can be, faults and everything. I'm ok with that and you should be too. I know that Heavenly Father made me a certain way for me to overcome things and also to be a strength to those around me. The ones who truly know me and love me know that I'm an alright person. I don't need to impress anyone else. Now, here's your soapbox back. I don't need it anymore. Back to my regularly scheduled blogging.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Do you hear what I hear?

Do you hear that? Listen again. Hear it now? That is my heart racing with excitement because this weekend Randy and I are going to Vegas with 3 other couples, by the way, 6 of our best friends!!!! No kids except for the little dude and the McInnes baby. We got the hook up from a good friend for rooms and we're OUTTA HERE!!!! So, maybe it's the chink, chink of the slot machines or maybe it's the giggle of us playing games or maybe it's the rush of the wind blowing on the car on our way down that you are hearing. Either way, I am so excited!!! My in-laws are keeping the kidlets (thanks mom!!!) and I get to squeeze my Amy for the first time since her horrible accident!!!! Yea, it's going to be a REALLY GOOD WEEKEND!!!! SEE YA!!!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I wanted to take a minute to thank all my bloggers that left comments for my niece. When I read them I was overwhelmed with how many of you cared enough to help support me enough on this topic. She is doing ok. I don't know how long it will take until she is GOOD again, but until then, she knows that I am right next to her, cheering her on and she knows that she can always log onto her blog and see the positive words everyone has left for her. THANK YOU. You all have no idea how much your actions meant to me!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

A little help....

I am going to ask for a little help. My niece, Amy, that you read about on my last post is having a hard time. She is being investigated by Child Protective Services for neglect and even today, her pediatrician and assistant gave her crap about Noah's near drowning. She is having nightmares and flashbacks. What I need you to do is go to HER BLOG and leave her a comment to encourage her. She is such an amazing person and the fact that this has happened in their family is just horrible. No one can beat her up more than she has beat herself up. So, if you have it in you to help my beautiful niece out, please do. I know it will help her when she is down. It's killing all of us that she is hurting so bad and I feel like I need to do something. Knowing my amazing friends, I know I can have a good response from one mom to another.

Amy and Noah last year on the day of his blessing.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Count your many blessings

I am so busy that I should not be blogging right now, but I can't help it.

Yesterday, there was an absolute tragedy that happened in our family. My niece, Amy, lives in Vegas with her husband and their 4 beautiful boys. Sadly, yesterday Amy was doing some yard work in her front yard and Trayce (9) decided to take Noah (1 year and 3 days) in the house. Amy was talking to a neighbor and went in the house a bit later, she asked the boys where the baby was and they didn't know, that's when she saw their back door open. The problem? They have a pool and jacuzzi. She ran out and found her baby face down in the jacuzzi. Blue, not breathing and no pulse, my niece had to do CPR on her baby.

She yelled to the boys to get the phone, they couldn't find it. Miraculously, she saw it in the corner of her eye, it was right next to her, miracle #1. Between breaths and chest compressions, she was telling 911 that she was doing CPR on her 1 year old that had drowned in her pool. She gave them all the info they needed and they dispatched an ambulance. Amy yelled at the older boy to go get their neighbor that is a police officer. Miracle #2, there was an ambulance driving right by her house and heard the call, saving the other ambulance 5 minutes travel time.

When in the ambulance, she called my sister that lives in Hurricane and hysterically told them what had happened. My sister wanted to get on the road to Vegas right away, but they were waiting for a food order that was being delivered to them but not for 15 more minutes. Miracle #3, the truck driver called and told Blanche that he was early and to go get her food. As soon as they were done unloading that food, Blanche and Michael were on their way to Las Vegas. There were paramedics working on Noah, trying everything to make him alive again. When they got to the hospital and they got him in the hands of the hospital staff, one of the paramedics asked my niece if the was LDS. She replied that she is and he said he was too. Miracle #4, he helped my nephew give Noah a blessing. Noah went through all the testing and as he did, he became more responsive and was recognizing his mommy. The doctors had to raise his body temperature, he fell into freezing cold water, miracle #5, the cold water helped save his life. He wasn't able to breathe when he hit the water, therefor he didn't get AS MUCH water in his lungs.

As last night went on, Noah kept getting better. This morning, he is free of IVs, suction tubes and is able to nurse again.

My niece is going to be ok, Dan is going to be ok, Noah is kicking butt and the other 3 boys, with a little counseling, are going to be just fine. The miracles continue to show through.

I have learned some valuable lessons with this:

1- When it comes to tragedies, those whom you need around you will pull in. Those who don't, do not need to be a part of our lives.

2- Divine intervention happened in our family. It was NOT Noah's time to die. A loving Heavenly Father snatched him from the jaws of death.

3- The church in Las Vegas is STRONG. The people that have been a part of my niece's life since she moved down there are absolutely amazing. When I think of Vegas, I don't think of the strip clubs or bars, it's THESE people and all of my family that I think about.

The lessons continue to be taught. I am just so grateful for all the blessings that have been showered down on us. No one is exempt from hard times right now, but if we look at the positives and seek out blessings from our Heavenly Father, we will all be ok. And we can be happy. Believe me, the thought of my dear niece doing CPR on her blue one year old is enough to send me into a panic attack, but with the love of our Savior, I can see the miracles surrounding it.

Thank you Amy and Dan for being the ones that Heavenly Father has trusted to teach us these lessons. The prayers are never ending for you and I love you more then you will ever know!!!! So, count your many blessing see what God has done!!!

Here is Noah and Amy this morning at the hospital. Her text with this picture? "Proof of life". Absolutely!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Today there is a lot to do. My dad is having surgery today to remove a kidney stone that has been stuck in the same spot since last Friday. It's so hard to see him in so much pain. I know how it feels to have those little suckers move and it is NO GOOD. But, this one's giving him problems and the doctors think it's stuck. He's just happy to get rid of it!!! Also, I still have lots to do today to prepare for tomorrow!!! Tomorrow is going to be a good day!!!! So, I should just get up and get more of my list done, huh? I hope you all are having a great day!!!! Off I go........

Monday, April 5, 2010


I am so thankful for such wonderful family and friends. People surround me that love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and people that uplift me everyday. It's so refreshing to feel such great people around me all the time. There is no room in my life for negativity, I simply have too much good to do with my life then to try pulling others down. Thank you to all of you whom have been influencing my family for the good. Your works do not go unnoticed!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

I love this time of year. I love the colors, the smell of fresh flowers in bloom, spring fever all around. I love every part of spring, the awakening that I feel from the past months. Well, one of the most loved parts of this season for me is Easter. I love the eggs and all of the activities, but most of all, I love what it all REALLY means. Jesus Christ was resurrected at Easter. He LIVES. Christ LIVES. My sister and I had a good talk a few weeks ago. She wants to start going back to church and was wondering if she could wear her cross necklace. I told her she CAN do whatever she wants to, and then I went on to tell her why I don't wear a cross. I believe that Christ lives and when He was crucified, although it is a big part of the plan of salvation, that it wasn't the end. I realize that He died for all of our sins and trails, but that fact that He was resurrected makes me not want to focus so much on the cross and that He died, but that He still lives. My sister can wear her cross anytime she wants to and I will not think anything less of her (as I hope she doesn't of me and anything I might do that she disagrees with). I have a lot of family members that wear crosses in remembrance of Christ, but I just chose not to. I am glad that they have something that helps them remember Him in their everyday, but for me, I will just keep Him in my heart. I want to remember the living Christ, not the dying Christ. I hope everyone feels comfortable worshiping in the way they want to and don't feel pressure to worship MY way. I love that we all have diversity and see things differently. I hope everyone has a great Easter and feel the love of Christ all around you. How blessed we all truly are!!!!