The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, October 20, 2012

ALERT.... Old post!!! Disneyland Spring 2012

Disneyland in March was a BLAST!!!! We go with Randy's family. There are 16 of us!!!

We stayed across the street at the street from the park, which was PERFECT!!! We love the Del Sol and it's nice to put the baby to bed at night and the older kids and Randy went back to the park!!!

The kids riding one of the old cars down Main Street USA!!!

Daddy and Harper!!!
Naomi, Cambelle and Tyler in the front of the Mono Rail. The best seats!!!
Cambelle doesn't like cotton candy... SHE LOVES IT!!!

Most of the Clyde Clan on the canoes!!! They only came back a LITTLE wet ;)

Jim LOVES Splash Mountain!!! I love how he puts his hat on backwards!!! That guy is one of the coolest guys I know!!!

Splish Splash!!!

Tyler, Uncle Cory, Naomi, Cambelle and Mazie. This is a regular site while at Disneyland!!! Uncle Cory ALWAYS has a few kids in tow. Especially Tyler!!!

Who is that girl? Maddison sure is getting big and independent!! LOVE IT!!!

Hair do courtesy of her brother!!! She loves her Tyler!!!

Harper was such a good girl the whole time!!! She was as happy as could be!!!

Little miss got her 1 year old vaccinations just a couple of days before we left. We didn't know she would react to the MMR like Maddison does. 
Poor thing had a terrible rash all over but was still happy as a bug!!!

Um, sir, you have a little bit of sun screen HERE......

Time for Harper to eat!!! There were some boys at California Adventure that stood in front of me and pretended to take a group picture. I KNOW they were taking a picture of me nursing. I may or may not have casually flipped the camera off when they took the photo :)

These 2 are inseparable!!! Tyler and Naomi, friends for life!!!

Cambelle wanted new Minnie Ears, so she chose ones with a crown.  
Because she's a princess, of course!!!

Harper's first Mickey Ears.... awwwww!!!!!

This is what happens when Harper is sleeping and everyone else is riding rides. I take pictures of myself!!! They eye picture is cool, but kinda creepy!!!

I love this man so much! Any chance I get to steel some kisses, I'm all over it!!! I can't imagine my life without him. He make my heart tick every day!!!

All the kids checking stuff out, waiting for the mono rail!

Cory and Harper! It's hard being the favorite uncle... really, it is ;)
Maddison and Layla, connected at the hip!!!

We all survived Autopia!!!! 

This is a special trip we go to take on the "Lilly Belle". Walt's train car he designed for his wife! You have to make reservations in the morning to go on this car. It was very special.

Our family paver that Jim and Peggy purchased the year we had our annual passes. 2010. It's great to have that piece of our family there always. If you're looking at the main gates into Disneyland, our paver is over to the right, in front of the turnstyles. 
Grandma gets to have her birthday when we go down for Spring Break! It's always fun seeing what everyone has got her!!!

"The two little girls", Cambelle and Mazie. Always together!!! Love the memories we make!!!

Lunch at our favorite place in the Grand Californian!!! It's quiet and plenty of room for all of us to kick back and chill for a minute!!!

Today was Peggy's 66th birthday!!! Perfect order number for the birthday girl!!!

Oh my heck!!! What cuties!!! 

The whole group in front of the gates to California Adventure. They were renovating the whole park. I can't wait to get back to see what it's like now!!!
Little missy taking naps!!! She did so good!!!

On the Mad Hatter car!?! Who let them drive?
Don't let them fool you, these kids are little freaks when it comes to the Tea Party!!!

Looks like her physical strength is as strong as her personality!!!

I adore my little family!!!!
HEY LOOK!!!! It's Derral Eves from Hurricane!!! We love Derral!!!

This is a good picture of the rash on Harper's face from the vaccinations :(
All the cousins in New Orleans Square, over by the Pirates exit.
The whole crew together!

All of the grand kid's feet around the paver!!!
All of us in front of the paver.
Thanks to mom and dad!!!!! They think the paver with their family name on it is pretty sweet!
My kids think it's pretty cool too!!!

Uncle Cory with "his kids"!!!
Aunt Jamie!
Grandma and Grandpa with our kids!
Our family!
The whole group! We love going together!!!

Just the siblings.
Just the grandkids!
Amy and I didn't want to be left out.
WOW!!!! Amy's getting a little frisky!!!!!
Uncle Randy always had the shorties on his shoulders!!! What a good man!!!

Such a fun time with Mickey and friends again!!! We can't wait to go again next year!!! What adventures await for us then?  :)