The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Family Fun with the Memmott's!!!

EASTER 2012!!!
We took the kids to the Ivin's City Easter Egg hunt! It was so fun! We love it! It's not too busy, it's pretty easy going. It's the best one we've ever been to, that's why we keep going year after year! 

Here are the kids with their LOOT!!! Daddy got to help Harper and the older kids had their own strategies. Most of them decided to pass up the candy that was close and go right to the middle and get the big haul!!! It was fun for everyone!!! 

 This picture is worth a thousand words. Ivin's does an adult egg hunt when the kids are all done. This was my dad's very first Easter Egg Hunt that he got to hunt the eggs!!! He was 72 years old and had never hunted eggs!!! It's moments like that when I realize how wonderful my parents are. They gave me opportunities that they didn't even have for themselves! He was pretty excited about it!!!

Sunday was our annual family BBQ at our house. 
That's when the crazies come over and we have A BLAST!!!!

Launa and I expressing our happiness for the Easter Bunny :)

My niece, Brittney and I just being beautiful!!!
 Oh JR, JR, JR....... I know that look means, "I love you, Hopie. And I love that you take my picture and talk a lot and talk loud. I love everything about you, just don't tell anyone" ;) He loves me!!!

Tuacahn Choir Concert 2012

Tyler is in the Coral Cliff's school Choir, the Coyote Crooners!!! This is his second year and in the spring, the kids get the opportunity to go out to Tuacahn to perform with many schools from the district. It's such an honor for them. They learn so much from it. They look forward to it every year!!!

From Left to Right
Bottom row: Cambelle, Maddison, Tyler (the star of the show), 
Grandma Memmott and Grandpa Memmott
Top row: Me, Randy and Harper

My dad cracks me up!!!! 
He is always doing something silly to make everyone happy and laughing!!!

I love that our families are so supportive!!! They know how to make us all feel important! It's been one fun event, right after another!!!