The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Talking in Sacrament Meeting

So, I'm not one of those people that get asked to talk in Sacrament Meeting and then fret about it for 2 weeks and then feel like I'm going to pass out at the microphone. I know you're surprised!!!! I got to speak this last Sunday and the talk I was assigned was from the last General Conference. It is called Moral Discipline and HERE is the link if you want to read it. Studying this talk really made me realize how many times in my life I have shown moral discipline. It's doing what you KNOW is right even when it's hard or when no one is watching. We all have times when it's hard to do what's right, but Randy and I have always tried to live our lives in a way that we wouldn't regret anything we've ever done. Going through this process with the state has made this talk come full circle for me. The popular thing isn't always the right thing. We are blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives to give us a compass on how to live. What better of an example do we need than Jesus Christ? In that talk by Elder Christofferson, he specifically tells about our job as parents to teach our children how to have moral discipline and how important that job is. Some parents say they just want a guide book on how to raise children, well, there ya go!!!!! If we open our scriptures or the Ensign or any of our church manuals, we HAVE a guide book!!!! And thank goodness!!!!! Anyhow, I was reminded how important it is to always try to have discipline in all we do. Sure, I know I'm not perfect in this, but I try every day to be better then I was the day before and I'm grateful for the chance to talk in Sacrament Meeting so I could learn so much about that topic. Ahhhhh, I feel better now!!!!!! Off to bed!!!!!

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Erin said...

Talks are great that way, aren't they? Way more beneficial for the person speaking. I'm sure yours was great!