The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Being on a blood thinner isn't fun. I know it's not a ton of Plavix and I know it's not FOREVER, but I will tell you, it STINKS!!!! Every night, we play, "name that bruise". Your guess is as good as mine about where most of them come from!!!

Anna (she's been on a HUGE blood thinner for about 11 years now) warned me that it's the small things that will kill me. Potato peelers, cheese graters, paper cuts, ect. Another thing I have learned is that a razor cut isn't just a cut, it's life or death!!! haha!!! I shaved in the shower one morning, got dressed and went into the kitchen to do dishes. I felt moisture on the floor, thought I had spilled water, went to wipe it up and realized that it was BLOOD!!!! A pool of blood on the kitchen floor from a teeny tiny razor cut!!! Nice, huh?

Another thing I have had to learn is not to bite my hangnails!!! It's never been a problem before, but now that I'm on a blood thinner, it could be the end of my life!!! I SWEAR!!! It's so dumb!!! One day I bit a hangnail and it bled for 6 hours and all the way through 5 band aids!!! A few days later, I went to bed with band aids on 5 different fingers from bleeding hangnails!!! I HATE IT!!!

But all in all, I guess it's for the best. I would rather bleed like this for a few months than get a blood clot in my heart from my surgery. It's just a new way of doing things, is all!!!

Be careful of sharp objects!!!!


Jeremy Reynolds Family said...

Maybe I need to be on blood thinners so I can stop pulling my hangnails. If I had to wear band -aids I would have 6 on right now. I have to say I do love the cool colored band-aids you have on!

fostera said...

Wow! Be careful, girl! Maybe you should take up gum chewing... I'm a hangnail ripper, too, but I seem to be less likely to nibble if I have gum in my mouth. That's also my diet strategy--though it's not working yet. Haha!