The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Firearms READY?

This year, we saved our pumpkin shooting for Thanksgiving when my family would be able to go with us!!! We had A BLAST!!!! 

Here is Tyler and I..... he is a good student :) He is right handed but he does a lot of things left handed, shooting a gun is one of those things!!! It makes me happy to see one of my kids shoot the way I do!!!

We could barely get this gun out of his hands!!! 
He had a pocket full of bullets and just kept reloading and shooting!!! 


Cambelle and Maddison only wanted to shoot for a minute, 
but they had a blast playing with the cousins!!!

Maddison looks cute even shooting a gun!!!! I love this picture!!!

Then we went back to Blanche's to eat. The food was D-LISHUS!!!! :)
Starting Harper out early!!! Just kidding, if you know me, 
you know my kids don't get Coke till they're one, but she's practicing!!!!
Yes, she is part Albrecht and I'm proud of that!!! 

See it? Randy found a tiny snake at Blanche's house. Everyone took turns holding it and I was safe until Brittney said she would hold it if I would. She did and because I'm a sucker for a dare, I held that stupid snake. It TOTALLY freaked me out. What's even better than that? My DAD held the snake too!!! I'm pretty confident that he is more afraid of snakes than anyone else I know!!! SO PROUD!!!
It was a great day!!! We had Brandon and Lacey up from Kingman. Brittney and her boys, Amy and Dan and their boys came up from Vegas. My cousins, Jimmy, Janice and Theron. My mom and dad, Blanche's family and Launa's family. It was a perfect day!!!

We ended the day with Randy's brother, that is a highway patrolman coming up to Blanche's to show all the little boys his "woo woo car"!!! He turned the lights on for them, ran the sirens and even let the kids talk on the PA system, telling "papa to come out with his hands up"!!!!! Such a fun time for everyone!!!!

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with family and fun also!!!

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Who is G? said...

you have the funnest family in the make holding a snake even look like a party :)