The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Maddison!

Oh my word.... I HAVE A TEENAGER!!!! Yikes! haha!!! Just kidding, Maddison is about the coolest chick in the land. She turned 13 on Sept. 29th. It was a fun day. She had her friend, Natasha come over. We went swimming at the Washington Rec. Center, then we got pizza and the kids watched The Woman In Black. Things she got for birthday (all of which, she asked for) were roller skates, a Rip Stick scooter, nail art pens, lots of fingernail polish, an alarm clock/iPod charger and cowboy boots!!! Yes, I said cowboy boots! It's one of those presents that she got exactly what she wanted even though Randy and I shook our heads the whole time!!! haha!!! I guess we've all been there before :)

Her cake.... She wanted a green, 2 tiered cake with pink flowers. Thanks to the magic of my husband, that's exactly what she got! She helped Randy pipe the cake. She did all the pink flowers by herself! She's very creative and artistic, so it doesn't surprise me that she would be able to do it!

I'm so proud of our sweet Maddison. She has the coolest personality, she's obedient at home and in the Gospel. She's very responsible

Not for one second do we believe this photo!!! She loves her daddy kisses! She was totally playing this one because she's a teenager now and that's how teenagers act!!!

I love my girl, we are so lucky to have her!!!


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