The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, April 13, 2012


Every Sunday we go to Randy's parent's house for dinner. It gives us the opportunity to be with Randy's family and the kids get to play with "the cousins"!!! That's an extreme highlight for our kids. We don't hardly ever miss a Sunday.

At the beginning of the year, they announced in Young Women's at church that there would be a special stake youth choir that would be singing at our stake conference on Easter Sunday. They would be practicing every Sunday at 6:15pm. Maddison LOVES to sing and is really good at it. I knew she would want to do it, but I also realized that she would have to sacrifice her Sunday cousin time. This decision was not going to be easy for her.

She talked to me about her dilemma and asked for advice. I told her that I thought that if she sang in the choir and made sacrifices to use her talents that Heavenly Father would bless her in return. I whole heartedly believe that. I told her that we would support her no matter what. That we would do our best to make cousin time for her so she wasn't so left out.

So, she decided to go ahead and participate in the choir. She made every practice. She was there on time and in her Sunday clothes and beautiful every time. She did her best and worked hard. We did some things with the cousins during the week and in the middle went to Disneyland with them all for a week, so that got her fix in for a bit.

Easter Sunday came and it was the big moment!!! She looked gorgeous and she was excited to share with us what she had spent so much time on. They were WONDERFUL!!!! We are so proud of her and her confidence was lifted up!!! It was perfect!!!

So, I guess it was worth the sacrifices, at least I hope so!!! Sis. Hulme is helping Maddison get ready to lead the music in Sacrament meeting on Sunday. What a privilege for Maddison!!!! She's getting so big and I'm so happy for her. She's an amazing daughter. I am truly blessed!!!


Our ABC Family said...

What a beautiful girl! I can't believe how grown up she looks! What an amazing experience for the both of you, especially Madison to have to make such grown up decisions. What an amazing young woman you have!

Peggy Clyde said...

I am so proud of you, Maddison, for choosing to sing in the choir. We missed you so much on Sundays, but knew that you had chosen to serve the Lord with your beautiful voice. Good luck leading the music tomorrow. I love you so very much.