The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Thursday, May 17, 2012

You're doing WHAT????

This is my best friend, Anna Carter. We have been best friends since we were in-utero. We grew up across the street and then up the block from each other. We got married 2 months apart and had babies all at the same time. No, seriously, 3 of our 4 are so close. 
Her three are 5 months older, each than my 3. We only screwed up Tyler and Ashley!!! 
We have only ever lived within 5 miles of each other for our whole existence and Anna broke the news to me that they are moving up for Nephi to run the American Fork Deseret Industries store. Nephi is REALLY good at his job and he's started some cool programs that are benefiting our store in a major way, so I knew it was only a matter of time before they would snatch him up for another store!!!

This has not been easy for me. I'm selfish, but when Anna told me she was as sure about this decision as she was when she made the decision to marry Nephi, I knew it was the right thing for their family.

I am so happy for her family. So many new adventures. I am so sad for my family. We all (including Randy and Tyler) were sobbing pretty hard when we told the kids they were leaving.Thank goodness for texts, Facetime, Skype, Facebook, Blogs and the good, old telephone!!!

I am so grateful for the relationship that Anna and I have had all these years. 
To say we're "best friends" really cheapens how we feel about each other. 
It's more like a sister relationship.

I can't begin to tell how absolutely much I am going to miss her entire family. I love her kids as much as I can love them without the fact that I didn't give birth to them. They are MY family. I adore everything about them. Randy and Nephi get along great and it's just always been such a strong bond between us all.

But it will be ok. That's what my mom tells me when I curl into the fetal position ;) I can't wait for their new adventure and all the blessings they get from it!!!!

Anna's neighbors and ward members threw her a surprise going away party and invited me. It was such a great time!!!!

Here's Harper and I, waiting for the PARTY GIRL!!!!

Hadley Hope, me and Harper partying it up!!!

And here's Anna making a mess of herself. She was crying her head off, but only because I was making her laugh till she cried!!! That's one thing I got on her, I can make her laugh till she cries and sometimes even till she pees!!!!

I love this girl with every fiber of my being. She has a special place in my life, my kids' lives and to my entire family. I will miss her a TON, but I will do my best to be supportive.

I'm just glad I realized this party was a going away party and not a protest, I had my signs out in my car, I was ready to picket!!!! OOPSIES!!!!


Amy said...

My best friend (my sister from a different mister) lives in Utah County. It sucks. BUT, we're still ridiculously close, I talk to her for at least an hour every day. It's a habit for me to drop my kids off at school and call her! You guys are like us, it won't change a thing! And the visits are the best. :)

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