The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, August 11, 2014

First Day of School!

Today is the first day of school! So exciting! The kids have their new first day outfit! Their hair is as cute as can be! They look adorable and the first day jitters are in full force!!!!

Maddison is a 9th grader at Snow Canyon Middle School! She's on the High School tennis team (and looks fantastic in the uniform!)! She is also the editor in chief if the yearbook this year. She did year book last year and excelled, so she was made the editor in chief! Lots of dedication and hard work! She spent the summer doing the layout for the new year! Her new advisor has never done yearbook, so she will be teaching him how to do a lot of things. She's pretty excited!

Tyler started 7th grade at Lava Ridge Intermediate School. He's in Advanced Choir this year that will give him more opportunities for performances! That's very exciting!his teacher LOVES music and loves teaching it! My kind of gal! He's lucky to have such a fun and modern music teacher! His science teacher is our neighbor and ward member! "Do I call him Mr. James? Brother James? Or Reed?" He will have plenty of time to get this all right! Haha!!!! 

Cambelle has Mrs. Wrigley for 4th grade at Coral Cliffs Elementary! I don't know Mrs. Wrigley, but that's who Cambelle wanted, so she is stoked! She will be in early morning choir again and she's very excited for all the fun they have and how much they learn. Cambelle will be a helper in her classroom when she uses her natural leadership skills! 

Harper is excited to have time alone with mommy again! She loves having the "tids" around, but it's fun to play alone and watch Clifford, The Big Red Dog as many times as her little heart desires!!

We were all so excited for the first day until after school when we realized first day fun is followed by HOMEWORK!!!! Some of us will be working extra hard at keeping our grades up. Reading hours are a struggle with all 3 kids, so we are going to try harder. With the extra things going on, we will need to really focus and dedicate ourselves to strengthening our weaknesses. Wish us luck!!!!!

Happy First Day of School 2K14-2K15!!!!

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