The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, June 30, 2008

Blog songs

So, the word BLOG is so funny to me. It sounds like a substitution swear word to me, not that I need substitutes, I usually just let it rip. It got me thinking, what if popular song titles had the word BLOG in them, they would take on a whole new meaning. Let's see:

The top 10 songs on i-tunes would be:

1- I Blogged a Girl- Katy Perry
2- Bloggin' Up- Jonas Brothers
3- Viva la Baloga- Coldplay
4- Disblogia- Rhianna
5- 7 Blogs- Miley Cyrus
6- When I Blog Up- Pussycat Dolls
7-All I Wanna Blog- Sugarland
8- Blog It- Metro Station
9- This is Blog- Demi Lavato & Joe Jonas
10- Blogging Love- Leona Lewis

Some of my other favorites would be:

1-Blogger Back- The Lost Trailers
2- Blogger Tonight- Justin Nozuka
3- What Blogs the Most- Rascall Flatts
4- 4 Blogs- Madonna
5- Blog That- Soulja Boy

See how much fun this stupid word can be? I'm gonna start blogging everything now!!! I'm sure these new song titles will show up soon at the top of the music charts. Keep your eyes open for more titles!!!!

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Shad and Laura said...

I was thinking of you and something crazy you did- can't remember now what it was, and I wanted to call you, but didn't have your number. Anyway, it's so good to hear from you! I miss you! (And yes, I know you'll be watching me. My husband has probably already contacted you about making some arrangements!)