The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good ride!!!

So this weekend is a classic... it's the Dixie Round-up rodeo. Since I was little, the Dixie Lion's Round-up has been a weekend that I have looked forward to. Am I a cowgirl? NO. Do I pretend to be? NO. I just love seeing how hard these people work and the skills that they have. Some people think that rodeos are cruel, but it is founded on the workings of a ranch. They have worked for years to perfect these skills to better their lives and the lives of their families.

(my dad and I)

(Tyler and Randy)

When I was little, my sisters would pile all of my nieces and nephews in the station wagon and head to the rodeo. We would lay out sleeping bags (probably for more padding then a blanket) 2 hours before the rodeo is to start and munch on our buckets of KFC!!!! I tried to count how many of us there were at times, it's hard to say, but, with my parents, me and at least 3 other sisters, and then their kids (9-13ish kids)... it was a party!!! We would go on family night because the kids got in for free.

(my mom and Cambelle)

Then I got into my teenage years. It's a right of passage for teenagers of Washington County to attend the rodeo and do laps around the Sunbowl. We would walk and walk around in circles, you always knew exactly where "that cute guy" was in the rotation and occasionally would do a u-turn to see "that other cute guy". The rodeo was always right after school would start, so it was fun especially if you had a friend from a different school so you could check out the goods from her school. Anyone that grew up here knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about!!!!

(Tyler and Maddison)

Now, here I am, a mom with 3 kids and a husband that LOVE to go to the rodeo!!! We go in and sit on those same cement seats just like when I was a kid. Except I don't remember the music that they played during the rodeo being as cool as it is now!!!

Every year, the Round-up provides me with memories that I hope to remember forever. One of them this year was when the 222 did the flag presentation at the beginning of the rodeo. With the tank, the extra large flag, lots of kids carrying flags and then the triple deuce members out in the arena, there is a certain reverence that is felt. My nephew just transferred out of the 222 after he had served 2 tours of duty. There was a tiny, little girl that so bravely sang our National Anthem and then I felt Tyler crying. I thought maybe he had got stepped on or something, when I asked why he was crying, he told me that he was happy. "Why are you so happy that you're crying?" He said, "I am just so happy to live in America". Aren't we all? I hope I never forget that moment.

At the end of the night, we had a blast at the rodeo. With 2 kids asleep and smiles on everyone's faces, I would consider this year's Round-up another success!!!
This is how Tyler fell asleep.... in between Randy's legs!!!!

Then when we tried waking him up for the bulls, this is how he ended up sleeping like this!!!!
What a great time!!! Can't wait till next year!!!


Brittney Taylor said...

I love seeing how your kids fall asleep...they can sleep in any position and anywhere...they are so dang funny...sure love you guys!!!

Brenda said...

Looks like so much fun! I love tradition.

Nettie said...

so cool! Mitch and I ran into your dad while we were out hunting yard sales today... he is such a great guy.

Malea said...

I do remember those laps well.

Erin said...

High School was the only time I went to the rodeo! All about the laps...just like every morning before school...walking laps around the halls...just to pass certain people. Doesn't it seem so hilarious now!? We're getting old.

Glad you guys had fun!

Joseph and Katie Smith said...

Laps! Nuff' said!