The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Thursday, September 3, 2009


See these 2 little cuties? What harm can they do? Huh? The blondie is Anna's little girl, Kelsey, and the other trouble maker of the day is Cambelle!!!

THIS is what you get when you have 2 VERY CUTE little 4 year olds playing at your house and they're being soooo good that you just ignore them the whole afternoon!!!!

This first picture is what they took into Tyler's room......
And this is how the girl's room looked when they were done!!!!

Do you think I will ignore them again like a fool???? Yea, probably. They're such good little girls, how can I complain?

Last Saturday I went to the mountain with Randy, his brother, dad, our kids and 2 of the neighbor boys. I love how happy Randy is on the mountain with his family. He is happy the whole time!!! He has to control himself for the first time in his life because of his crash. He can't go as hard as he usually does.Here are the kids out looking for horny toads!!!! Uncle Cory found one as soon as we got out of the trucks, so the kids made it their mission to find as many as they could!!!!
They were just little tiny things!!!
Maddison really isn't as scared as she looks in this picture.
Yea!!!! Something to dominate!!! She's a happy girl!!!
My excuse for not bringing them home was that they would miss their family, so what do my kids do? They ended up with 6, enough for a "family"!!! And like a good mom would do, I dumped out the rest of my coke so they could put them in my cup. Once we got to G'ma and G'pas house, we called the pet store and found out how much it was going to cost to feed those dumb things!!!! Too much, so the kids let them go in grandpa's garden. They will check on them every time we go over!!!

Who's kids are those? Can you see the wood in the trailer?

This is how Cambelle enjoyed the ride home!!!! Another great day as a family!!!!


Nettie said...

at least cambelle had a helper, Chantel makes messes like that all by herself! little turkey buzzards, good thing they are so cute huh?

Brenda said...

The girl's mess is crackin' me up. I remember the days. It looks like you had a fun trip to the mountains too. Miss you guys.

Erin said...

I can so relate with the room mess! My girls do the same thing. It's like they don't really play - they just dump and pile stuff. I'm with you though - if they're being good and it means some me time...mess away! :)

Love the horny toads.

Clark Family said...

That looks like "loads" of fun.:) It was good to briefly see you this weekend too and by the way no whining here just venting!!! ANd I can't use a Philsbury recipe that is cheating in my "eyes" and I learned that I take cooking too seriously to enter a small town cooking contest. Oh well it was fun though while it lasted. Ha