The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

I love this time of year. I love the colors, the smell of fresh flowers in bloom, spring fever all around. I love every part of spring, the awakening that I feel from the past months. Well, one of the most loved parts of this season for me is Easter. I love the eggs and all of the activities, but most of all, I love what it all REALLY means. Jesus Christ was resurrected at Easter. He LIVES. Christ LIVES. My sister and I had a good talk a few weeks ago. She wants to start going back to church and was wondering if she could wear her cross necklace. I told her she CAN do whatever she wants to, and then I went on to tell her why I don't wear a cross. I believe that Christ lives and when He was crucified, although it is a big part of the plan of salvation, that it wasn't the end. I realize that He died for all of our sins and trails, but that fact that He was resurrected makes me not want to focus so much on the cross and that He died, but that He still lives. My sister can wear her cross anytime she wants to and I will not think anything less of her (as I hope she doesn't of me and anything I might do that she disagrees with). I have a lot of family members that wear crosses in remembrance of Christ, but I just chose not to. I am glad that they have something that helps them remember Him in their everyday, but for me, I will just keep Him in my heart. I want to remember the living Christ, not the dying Christ. I hope everyone feels comfortable worshiping in the way they want to and don't feel pressure to worship MY way. I love that we all have diversity and see things differently. I hope everyone has a great Easter and feel the love of Christ all around you. How blessed we all truly are!!!!

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Mat and Jamie Holt said...

Well said. Happy Easter Hope!