The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today is my dad's 72nd birthday and I just wanted to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! He is the coolest dad a girl could ever ask for, the best father-in-law and a grandpa that puts others to shame!!! He raised 6 girls most of the time in a house with only ONE BATHROOM and is such an amazing dad for girls!!! When people ask if he's sad that he never had any boys, he always tells them that he wouldn't trade any of us for a boy!!! He makes everyone around him feel loved. He is a hard worker. Most of the time when he was raising all of us, he had many jobs at once, just to make ends meet. He's been in the National Guard, he was a meat cutter, he was a custodian at Dixie High School for a hundred years, he drove school bus at the same time, they owned a security business at one point and my parents were the original owners of Pete's Taxi here in St. George. He's had a lot more jobs than that, but those were the big ones. He is loved by so many people and for good reason!!!! I am blessed to have him as my dad and I'm happy to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


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Anonymous said...

Oh Happy Birthday dad! he is a keeper-love him!!