The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, January 23, 2012

Croupy croup.....

So, our little Harper has been sick for about 3 weeks, now. She got croup and then croup again and then got a nasty ear infection. Our poor baby :( She went through 2 steroid shots, and anti-biotic shot, breathing treatments, and medication to fight a yeast infection because of the anti-biotic. She has really had a rough time already this year. 

 Thank goodness we have a doctor that went in on a Sunday to treat her with the steroid shot and breathing treatments or she would have landed in the hospital, right at the beginning of the croup. She was THAT sick :(

 We let her sleep anywhere she would. There were several nights that Randy and I didn't even make it to our bed. I'm sure all parents have had those experiences.

Daddy taking her out for a "cold air walk" outside. She went about a week without a smile, even. It was so sad :(

BUT we're back in business now!!! She's a happy, little bug again!!! Thank goodness we live in a day that we are able to get medication for our babies and have doctors that are educated on how to best treat them.

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Who is G? said...

glad she's better now. b.t.w. I LOVE your new family picture!