The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy 10th birthday Tyler!!!!

 It was Tyler's 10th birthday on January 24th!! Can you believe that? 10 long years of uncertainty and 10 years of miracles and wonderful experiences!!!!

For Tyler's birthday, he wanted to have a sleep over with his best friends, Connor McInnes. He wanted to play Laser Tag and just have some fun boy time!!!

Friday at about 5, Connor came over and we headed to IHOP!!! Yummy!!! We all ate till our guts hurt and even enjoyed Tyler's great, big ice cream sunday at the end!!!

The girls posing and enjoying their gigantic drinks!!!

Harper pulling the face that makes all of us laugh until we die!!! She is so funny!!!

Randy and I are scared. Well, we pretended for a minute!!!

I HOP, YOU HOP, WE ALL HOP FOR IHOP!!!!  I almost got them hopping all at the same time!
 Then Randy took the kids to Laser Mania. They played the arcades.... Cambelle scored BIG TIME!!!
 Got in a game of Laser Tag... the boys thought this was the funnest part of the night!
 And then ended up crashing at home!!! The girls didn't want to sleep in their beds as long as the boys were sleeping on the air mattress in the front room!!!  We have such good boys that they never make the girls feel like they're not wanted.
I will admit that I'm not a fan of sleep overs, but I AM a fan of good boys getting to have special time together. I'm so glad Connor was able to spent this 24 hours with us. He is such a gem and Tyler didn't want anything else for his double digits birthday!!!!

The next day consisted of eating crappy food, watching lots of movies and riding scooters all around the neighborhood.

What a perfect time for Tyler's birthday!!! I'm so proud of Tyler. He is such a cool 10 year old!!!!

We love you bubba!!!


Heidi said...

happy Birthday tyler.

Peggy Clyde said...

Happy birthday, Tyler, my oldest grandson. Love you.