The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, September 21, 2012

Good bye my sister :(

This post originally was drafted in mid-July 2012......

My sister, Blanche is getting to have the opportunity for her husband to have a great job and I am so excited for her...... oh yea, except for that part that she has to move 4 hours away!!!!! That's right, my darling sister/partner in crime/twin separated by 14 years..... you get the point. We are SUPER CLOSE. This has been really hard for me, even though I know it's the best thing for their family. Last Friday we all converged on Blanche's house to move her. There was Amy and Dan that came up from Vegas. There were the Frehners from across the street. Brittney and Chuck. Randy and I. Blanche and Michael.  We got the 4 horse trailer loaded up, the big trailer, the small trailer, Randy's truck and the rest of the vehicles bulging at the doors with stuff!!! I snapped a few pictures of my sister in front of this house in Hurricane that she had spent the last 7 or so years in and we were off!!!!!

We stopped for a Coke and life was great!!! Looking a little like the Clampets!!!! But we were ready to go!!! Well, before Cedar, the horse trailer had blown a tire. After getting that one fixed, it wasn't long before it blew another tire!?! Chuck and us had kept going because there wasn't much we could do, but they were worried about the weight on the horse trailer, so Chuck loaded some of his load on us (pushing us to the absolute limits!!!) and he backtracked an hour to help out.

It ended up that Trina (the one with the horse trailer) stopped at a tire shop and the original 2 tires also needed to be replaced!?! We kept going, there was absolutely nothing we could do, so our goal was to get up to the new house and get the beds on the floor so everyone could sleep comfortably.

By the time everyone made it in, that 4 hour trip was almost 9 hours. It was a long day.

Time for bed. Blanche, Michael, Matthew, Karley, Randy, Me, Maddison, Harper, Brittney, Chuck, Odin, Liam, Cort, Amy Lynn, Dan, Bridger, Noah, Brandy, Mark and baby Skylar. That's 20 PEOPLE sleeping on my sister's floors!!! It was great!!!

Morning came early enough. Time to get to work! Our good friend, Jeff Moss lives up there and I begged him to come over and help. It was great to have him there and get to see him!!! It was about 10 straight hours of unloading, unpacking and assembling.

These are some of the little ditties I found when I was unpacking the books. If you know my sister, these books will not surprise you :)

We were POOPED!!!!! We took Maddison up with us to help with Harper and that was the best thing we did. She was able to keep her out of the way and let me work!!! It was so perfect.

The girls treated ourselves to a little trip to IKEA after all of our hard work and then we were OUT again for the night.

That night, Odin wanted  to come to dinner with us!!! 
It was so fun having him (such a big boy) have alone time with us!!!

The next morning, Amy and Dan left pretty early. They had to go from Springville to Vegas that day.... YIKES!!!! We stalled as long as we could. I unpacked a lot more things and started to clean up after the move so Blanche and Mike would have a normal house to live in right away.

And then it came...... time to say goodbye. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I instantly started crying like crazy. There is no way to help this feeling. I'm selfish. Nothing will soften the pain of this move, but it must be.

We said our goodbyes and got on the road. Right onto the freeway, we got into some pretty bad rain. It was off and on all the way home. I drove the big trailer home from Beaver!!! It was good. I cried really hard for about 2 hours. I'm going to miss her so absolutely much. It's hard to even put words into the relationship we have. But we can do this. We do hard things all the time.

This part really sucks, but we did it! On our way home, it rained like a DOG on us, but we made it home in one piece!!!

I have so much love and devotion to my sisters. I would have driven right back up if she had needed me. This is going to be good for them. I'm trying to be positive, but it's easier at times than others!!!!

I'm glad Blanche and Matt both got jobs and are doing good. We all have our boohoo moments, but it's getting easier!!!

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