The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sicky icky!!!

This last week for me was NUTSO!!!! About a week and a half ago, I got what I thought was a cold or allergies. Nothing big, just enough to feel blahhhh. The days went on and it got worse, really fast! Friday, I just laid on my couch, feeling like I was going to die. Then Saturday morning, I knew I needed to get into the doctor. Harper hadn't been feeling well, so I should have taken her too, but I was going by myself and I simply didn't have the energy to take her. So off I went. I got to Instacare and got taken right in. He checked me for stuff and made me step on the scale that is about 150 lbs off. Diagnosis? Bronchitis! He sent me home with an anti-biotic for the sinus end of it (the bronchitis itself is viral, so no meds will cure it faster), an inhaler and some nasty cough syrup.

Saturday came and went. Honestly, I don't remember anything. I slept the entire day. Sunday came and went. The only stuff I remember from that day was what I would find out later were only hallucinations. It didn't even happen!!! I was running a 103 degree fever for those 3 days and it was pretty hard to even break it. It was a good one!!!

Monday was crappy, Tuesday was crappy, Wednesday I went back to the doctor because the cough got really bad, really fast. It kinda freaked me out. Diagnosis: still bronchitis. He sent me home with better cough syrup and a better inhaler.

Thursday, ok. Friday getting better. Still sleeping for the most part. Saturday was better even more, still sleeping A LOT and then today, I feel like a whole new woman!!!! YEA!!!!! It's so nice to have enough energy to walk across my house without feeling like I'm dying!!!

Tomorrow is a new day and I will be able to do some of the things that have been neglected the last week. I was pretty strict with staying in my house so I didn't pass it on to anyone else. I got pretty antsy as the week progressed, so tomorrow is going to be great to be able to do STUFF!!!!!

Randy was such a rock star. Working, coming home to a whiny wife and needy 1 year old. He cooked and cleaned. Did laundry, homework and lots of other things. I had meals brought over from Gina, my mom and Randy's mom. What a blessing. My kids were sick of cereal for dinner!!!

But be warned... I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! (but I will miss my snuggle time with my favorite baby!!!)

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Aleisha said...

Hey Hope!!!
I just wanted to tell you that I changed my blog address. It is . I'm not on facebook so I am going to start blogging more. I'm so glad you still blog.