The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Foam + broken pelvis = happy husband

So, at our last visit to the orthopedic surgeon, Randy talked to him about how much pain he is in when he wakes up in the morning in our bed. He told Randy that it could take up to and more than a full year for that problem to be resolved, but with a foam mattress or topper, he said that 100% of his patients with pelvic injuries get in bed sooner. So I was on the hunt for a foam mattress topper. I found one online for $150.00. Randy felt like we didn't have money for that right now, but when does he need it? When we have the money? No, he needs it now. So, what do I do? CALL MOM!!! His mom is lending us the money for this mattress topper!!! We got it yesterday and put it on the bed. We had a small one already on our bed, and my niece let us use hers also, but they weren't helping at all, so it was a leap of faith (and funds) to see if this was going to work. This morning when Randy woke up, he didn't grunt, he didn't limp and he said his back and pelvis were feeling pretty good!!!!!! I am so happy. Night time has been a real challenge for him. So, today I'm gonna call the doctor and see if he will write a prescription for it, so we can be reimbursed for it being medical supplies. This is going to make a world of difference for Randy and I'm so relieved!!!!


Nettie said...

that is so great!! sounds like the recovery is moving forward! yeah!

Jordan said...

In the darkest of nights come the break of dawn and a sigh of relief.

I'm glad to hear he's on the road to recovery!

Whit and Kern said...

haha. that is a funny picture huh. Everyone always asks if she's my mom. It's kinda freaky. I guess I know what I'll look like in twenty years, huh? And the drive... Was horrible. My mom had it worse though. She drove from St. George to Boise and Back and then to Phoenix and back to St. George... YUCK!

Clark Family said...

That is great. I love my topper too. I got one and since we did it seems to help some with my migraines too. They are the best. And who would have thought...a foam mattress would do the trick?