The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy 4th birthday Cambelle!!!

4 years ago today was quite eventful in the Clyde family. It's the day we welcomed our youngest daughter, Cambelle into our family!!! She was quite a SHOCK as you can read in last year's birthday post!!! I'm a sucker for a birth story, so I'm going to share what I wrote about her birth in her journal....

"Aug. 9, 2005. We went to the hospital at 11am for a 12:30pm c-section. Grandma Memmott went with us. Aunt Brenda and Aunt Launa met us at the hospital. I started to get really nervous about noon. At 12:15pm I had to leave everyone to go back to the operating room. I got way more nervous as they prepped me. Then they brought daddy and my mom back. I know how close they are getting when they bring them back.

Everything was going better than I ever remember. All of a sudden your dad said, 'they're getting close, they're sucking your amniotic fluid out now!' (he watched the whole show over the curtain) He was so excited! Then I heard Dr. Chamberlain say, 'I see hair!' Dad and grandma both started crying and saying in unison, 'LOOK AT THE HAIR' and then the doctor said, 'It's a girl and look how big she is'! Immediately I just lost it. I thought you were a boy. I don't know why. I was sobbing so hard. Grandma and dad couldn't believe it either!!! We were so happy! Then they showed you to me and you looked just like Maddison. They were all guessing how big you were. I will never forget how happy your dad and I were in that moment.

The nurse took you to the nursery with Grandma and daddy in tow while they finished with me. They opened the double doors to a huge awaiting family. Daddy whispered to Maddison that you were a girl, she got to break the news to everyone. I heard a loud cheer clear from the OR. Dr. Chamberlain laughed and said, 'THAT'S HOPE'S FAMILY!!!' As soon as I went to recovery, I wanted to tell someone so bad, so I called Anna. I was so fun!"

There is a lot more to that day, but those were the parts that I wanted to touch on today!!!
Here's my mom doing what she does best... loving on the babies!!! Usually they will only let the dad in for c-sections, but I learned with Maddison that if I lied, I could get my mom in there too!!! We would tell the doctor that the anesthesiologist said YES to mom being there, then we would lie to the anesthesiologist and say that the doctor said YES to mom being there!!! They would both think that the other approved it... and VOILA, mom and hubby in the OR!!!! Sometimes you just want your mom!!! My c-sections would be her 6th, 7th, and 8th to be in... I think she knew all the rules by then, huh?
I was in a lot of pain after I had Cambelle. I learned from the others, though, that no matter who is there, if your tired, just go to sleep. No one cares if mom is sleeping!!! That helped a lot.
She was 8# 13 oz. Such a fatty Patty!!! I loved it!!!
She is such a blessing to our family. The only reason she is here is because Heavenly Father knew it was time for her to come to our family and he did His thing. Physically, there is no way I should have got pregnant with her. I can see what a miracle it is now!!!

She is the most maternal child I have ever seen. She loves to do anything with babies, real or fake. A crying baby doesn't scare her away, just the opposite, she wants to be the one to soothe it!!!
Here she is napping on my cousin, KC. Notice her hand in his "elbow pit"? She lllooovvveeeesss elbow pits. If she is on your lap and she can't rub your elbow pit, she'll go for the collar bone!!! I think it's because I nursed her for so long... 22 months!!!
Friday was a big day. A few weeks ago, Maddison got her ears pierced. Cambelle hasn't stopped talking about it, "For my 4th burfday, I'm gonna get my ears peered". Maddison tried convincing Cambelle that it hurt WAY bad, that didn't matter to Cambelle. Pain is not an issue for this child. So, off we went to the beautiful jewelry store in the mall!!!

Here she is with her "naked ears"!!! She was a little excited!!!

They did both ears at one time and she barley even flinched, I would even call it a twitch. She didn't say "OWWW", no crying, no, "that hurt".... NOTHING!!!! She's such a toughie!!! It was almost like she was bored with it!!! It was so funny!!!

This is the first phone call... Aunt Vicky!!!!

Yesterday was her birthday party. She was watching a food show with Randy last week and saw a Cookie Monster cake, that when she decided that's the kind of cake she wanted!!!!

Of course, he did a GREAT job, he always does!!!

No party is complete without a spanking machine!!! Maci Blair was so concerned, "Is everyone gonna spank ME?". She was happy that we were just spanking Cambelle, although I think all the kids took a turn eventually!!!

Randy drew this Cookie Monster poster, we "fed" him all the letters of the alphabet, shaped as cookies!!!

Lots of girls at the party... and Wyatt!!! What a pimp!!! Back to front:
Chantel Brinkerhoff, Reagan Rindlishbacher, Layla Clyde, Elia Moss, Sophia Zitting

Ellie Rowley, Wyatt Anderson, Maci Blair, Lexi McInnes, Carlie Blair

Kelsey Carter, Cambelle and Mazie
And then there's the PRESENTS!!! She loved every single one!!! She was so happy getting all the fun girlie stuff!!!

So, Miss Cambelle. I love you so much and I'm so happy you are MINE!!! Everyday I find more reasons to love you. From your curly locks to your butt chin, from your OCD ways to your strong compassion you have for everyone!!! You are such a special girl!!!

Happy birthday to my baby!!!


the Alton clan said...

Such a fun post! And she looks so cute for her party! How fun!!! I love that lil' girl....she rocks!

Malea said...

Wow, what a surprise on the day of her birth! You produce cute children. It makes me think that you shouldn't stop.

Aleisha said...

What a cutie!! I love hearing birth stories! I love the cake too.

Erin said...

That is one darling b-day girl!

Kristie said...

Reagan had so much fun at the party she came home and sat on the steps to take her shoes off leaned back on the step took a deep breathe and said "that party was just great!" I couldn't stop laughing. Happy Birthday C!!!