The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halfway mark!!!

Yesterday, we made the halfway mark with our pregnancy!!! And if you want to get technical, I will have a c-section at or before 39 weeks, so I am actually PAST my halfway mark!!!

It's been a pretty long 20 weeks of pregnancy. LOTS of throwing up and even more nausea. I have never been sick with any pregnancy and then this one threatens to kill me!?! But things are getting better everyday!!! We're down to about 1 puky day per week instead of every, single day. That's a good thing!!!

I've been to Disneyland twice since we got pregnant. 7 weeks and then 17 weeks. We're going in December and then again in January!!! If I could talk the Clyde's into leaving me home and going one more time before our passes expire, I would, but they are a nervous bunch for some reason!!!

The baby is changing. This is a cool site that tells where we are right now. This little button has been playing around like crazy!!! It's so active. WAY more active than any of the others!!!

After our ultra sound, at my appointment with our doctor (whom I LOVE), he said the ultra sound looked perfect and my "old lady" blood work (the quad screen for the 4 major birth defects) came back perfect also!!! So, the health of the baby looks really good at this point.

The baby is getting higher and higher everyday. Just yesterday, it started kicking my waist on my pants!!! Randy can ALMOST feel it move. When I hold his hand on my belly where the baby is kicking, I can feel it from the inside, but it's not quite strong enough to let Randy feel. Soon, very soon. A few nights ago, I was pushed back in the recliner and the baby was going nuts, I held really still and could see when the baby was moving big. My belly was moving!!!! It was pretty cool.

I'm such a sap for this fun stuff!!!! The website says that the baby can hear now and I'm glad, because Cambelle tells this little baby EVERYDAY that she loves it and seals it with a kiss!!!

I'm getting so excited!!! I'm not nervous, which is weird. We don't have any names going yet. I heard the name Harper for a girl and kinda liked the ring of it, but that's where it's stopped!!!

I'm trying to keep my wacky hormones under control. I tend to get mean when I'm hormonal, but I'm trying really hard to not make people hate me.

So, there's the baby update!!! We are all excited and looking forward to the next half of pregnancy!!! I'm not one that gets to the end and begs, "GET IT OUT OF ME", I try to just relax and enjoy every part of it. I hope that's how it is this time too!!!!

Anyhow, time to go rest (I do that a lot!!!). Have a good night!!!


Rachel Doyle said...

I haven't heard Harper before -- but I too like the ring of it. I love half way marks -- but for me it 17 weeks and it's always nice knowing it's down hill - sorta from there.

Jen said...

haha, good to know I'm not the only one that turns into "super beast" when I'm pregnant. Cade knows by now to just steer clear! ;)
If it makes you feel any better, we're 28 weeks and still haven't even THOUGHT about names. :x We're horrible at picking things we like, and it doesn't make it easier that we prefer family names. Oh well, I've still got some time...

Shane and Brandi said...

Thanks for the update!

Erin said...

Congrats on making it half way! (well - actually MORE than half way) ;)

I'm so excited for you! (about the baby, not the sick part. NO FUN in that!)

Heidi said...

Yea it coming fast. I'm just guessing it is a boy. I'm glad that everything is going well.