The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween "fun"?

This year's Halloween was kinda stinky because Maddison got strep and then shared it with Cambelle, but we did our best to make it fun anyway!!!

The fun began on our school's "Math Night". The kids got to wear their costumes and had a lot of fun!!! Randy, Gina and I went to Thriller that night, so my mom and dad finished the fun with the kids and took them home. THANKS MOM AND DAD!!!! Thriller was awesome this year and the zombies weren't as aggressive as in the past, so I didn't go in cardiac arrest!!!

Then, the next day, Randy's mom came over to Tyler and Cambelle's classes to do her SCARY Witch's Brew!!! The Kindergarteners LOVE/HATE it!!!! It's so funny!!! Peggy is so creative and quite a good actress, if you ask me!!!

The big day was Friday. Sadly, Miss Maddison woke up sick. She had JUST enough energy to sit with me at the school costume parade.

Tyler's awesome costume, a woopie cushion!!!! Except he wasn't too fond of the 5th graders "squishing" him!!! If you know my son, you know this costume was PERFECT for him!!!!

And look at this little witchy poo!!!! Randy's mom made this costume 100 years ago for his little sister!!! It was fun for Cambelle to wear Aunt Jamie's costume!!!
Maddison thought this dress was the most amazing vampire costume EVER!!!!

Friday was our ward's Trunk or Treat. Maddison and I stayed home and Randy took the other kids. They had a BLAST!!!! Somehow Randy got roped into being the target for the sponge throw, so he spent the night having wet sponges thrown at his head!?! He's such a good sport!!! He was SOAKED when he got home!!!!

Then we're on to Sunday!!! Can I just say that I have the coolest mother-in-law around? She does a great job at making holidays fun for the kids (and the big kids too)!!! This year, she prepare a "Halloween Feast" for dinner!!!! She had the grandkids thinking they were going to eat this scary food!!!! (notice the font on the menu.... bloody!!!!)

Eye of Newt- deviled eggs with an olive slice in the middle to look like and eye ball

Rabbit Fodder- salad

Tuber Mash with Drippings- mashed potatoes and gravy

Squashed Dough Balls- biscuits

Speckled Wild Boar- ham

Bloodied Witch Fingers- sugar cookies shaped like fingers with blood oozing from the almond fingernails

Fresh Candied Hairy Beetles- noodles hand dipped in chocolate with eyes and legs

Slimy Pumpkin Eyes- candy corn shaped sugar cookies (the recipe is here)

It was a VERY fun night!!!! Thanks to Peggy for making it so special!!!

So, this Halloween wasn't a total waste, but hopefully next year no one will be sick!!!! I hope yours was a fun one too!!!


Kellie said...

How fun is that!!!

Mike and Amanda said...

So dang cute!!! I might have to steal your MIL's fun dinner ideas for next year!

Gosh Hopie...our kiddos are growing up too fast! I cannot believe how grown up Maddison is!

Brenda said...

Gobs of fun, Happy Halloween!