The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cambelle turned 6 (gasp)!!!

This Tuesday was Cambelle's 6th birthday!!!! She wanted to have a swim party at Gina's so she could, "show her friends that she can swim under water"!!! haha!!! So cute!!!

Tyler, Randy, Ashley, her cousin, Ky, Cambelle, Lexi, Reagan, Kelsey, Maddison, Whitney, Odin, Brittney, Cort

Thanks to Gina for being a good sport (again) for using her pool, Cambelle got her wish!!! She invited some friends and some family. We BBQ hot dogs, ate watermelon, chips and Capri Suns before we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY and had cake. It was a great time!!! Exactly what she wanted. I think by having a summer birthday, she might have a lot of swim parties!!!

I love this picture of Anna and Hadley!!!

Liam and Harper chilling out on the blanket!!!

The kids eating dinner and birthday cake!!!

Time to open presents!!!

Her new, silky, purple nightgown that Grandma Clyde made for her!!! She was SO excited to get this!!!

I think it was a great day for Cambelle!!! She is such a sassy, little blessing to our family!!! She adds spice and I LOVE IT!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!! Mom and daddy love you!!!


Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Campbell. Love the new night gown and cake.

Our ABC Family said...

Happy Birthday Campbell! Looks like the birthday party was a success! :)

sandy said...

Hope she had a special Birthday for she is such a special girl. Love you Cambelle.

Malea said...

Cute little 6 year old!!!! You are an especially hardcore Good mom for having a party when things have been so crazy lately!!!