The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Not fair ;)

August in Washington County means FAIR TIME!!!! The fair is always a blast and we look forward to it every year. Randy and I started a tradition when Maddison was a baby that we go out on $1.00 Wednesday. The fair rides are only $1.00 on the opening day of the fair, so our kids know that we go out that day, ride the "live or die" rides and then we don't go back out to the rides the rest of the fair. It's always hot, it's always dusty, the wind blows and you always wonder if you're going to die on the rides (my favorite part).

So, Wednesday afternoon, we piled everyone up and went!!! I was still tired from my surgery and I knew the heat was going to kick my fanny, but the worst part, because of my heart surgery, I would not be able to ride the rides this year. I WAS TICKED!!!! My goal in life is to ride the rides longer and more than anyone else. I'm kind of stubborn that way. I don't get sick on the rides, so it's all thrill for me!!! But here I am, sitting, yet again, while my family goes on rides (4 trips to Disneyland last year when I was pregnant with Harper has me a little bitter).

Here's Randy's family that went out to the fair with us.

Tyler, Randy, Harper, Cory, Mazie, Maddison, Naomi, Cambelle, Jamie and Elijah
I guess I wasn't too bitter because the kids were having A BLAST!!!! This is one of my favorite rides. Gee Wiz!!! I love when you're on a ride and your stomach drops!!! MY FAVORITE!!!

Naomi, Cambelle, Mazie and Maddison

And then we have the BIG ride!!! This ride spins upside down for a long time and I LOVE IT!!! Tyler ended up going on this, like, 5 times in a row!!! He's a die hard. I'm so proud!!!

Naomi and Tyler.... dare devil cousins!!!
You always have to do the kiddie rides! Look how red the kids were, it was about 100 degrees!

Mazie, Elijah and Cambelle
Even though I pooped out easy, I still had a great time listening to the kids giggling!!! The fair is always fun... butt cracks, tramp stamps, missing teeth and all!!!! I love the loud music they play on the big rides, I love wondering how many years the carnies have been in prison, I LOVE IT ALL!!!! Sometimes you just have to lighten up and go with the flow, that's what the fair reminds me to do every year!!!
Happy Fair time y'all!!!

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