The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wanna RIDE???

So Randy has a second love, after me of course ;) He loves to ride bikes! Motorcycles and 4 wheelers. He has a Honda 450R, it's a fast bike. Really fast!

He LOVES going out riding. His brother, Steven and a bunch of their friends go out together regularly. It's such a fun thing for them! They usually go to Sand Hollow, which is about 15 miles from our house. One time they took at trip out to Coral Pinks Sand Dunes that is a couple of hours away. They always have a great time!

Here is a group of them together at Sand Hallow. I love that they are all experienced riders and wear full protective gear! I think guys that wear helmets are SEXY ;)

Here is Randy and Austin Winder racing at Sand Hollow last summer before he left on his mission to Detroit! He and Austin LOVED to go riding! Randy missed his riding buddy and we know Austin misses it too!!!

Here is Randy (in the red) and Steven (in the black) racing up the "Backside" of Sand Hollow. It's SUPER steep and most bikes can't even make it up the incline, let alone RACE up it!!! They have paddle tires on their bikes that are designed for riding in sand!

Randy and Steven jumping!

This is a cool picture of 3 of them jumping at the same time! SO FUN!!!

Here they are out at Coral Pinks. It was a great day for them out there. They attach "GoPro" video cameras to their helmets and bikes and then make videos of their adventures!

THIS is the link to a video I made of Randy's fun on his bike!

When they went to Coral Pinks, it was a cold day, so they all wore jackets. It was PERFECT!

I love this picture of Randy jumping out at Sand Hollow! We live in an amazing area of the world and these pictures show the colors that we get to see everyday!!!

I'm so glad Randy has something that he gets to enjoy all to himself! He works so hard to support our family, so when he gets to go out and ride, it's all play and fun! What a great reward for a great man!

I love you, babe!!!! And for the record, I think you're super sexy on that bike ;)

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