The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, June 3, 2013

What are YOU doing?

So, I'm sitting here on a Monday morning at 12:30am thinking about all the things I need to get done tomorrow. Do you ever get overwhelmed and think you're going crazy? I try my best to avoid that. I really hate the "rat race"! Randy's been working some crazy hours and the kids are out for summer, so we've done a lot of playing and a little bit of household chores! Our life is pretty fun right now. I intend to get active on my blog again so we can better journal our journeys!

This last weekend, Maddison took an ATV training course so she can get the license required by the state of Utah to drive an ATV legally. Anyone over the age of 8 is supposed to have been licensed to ride an ATV. So, with this course, Maddison and my niece, Layla got certified. The others will do the next round!

Randy, Tyler and the rest of the Clyde boys (Jim, Cory, Lyman, Steven and Elijah) went "boy camping" on Friday night, so the girls met at Dairy Queen in Hurricane for dinner! It was fun! Mazie slept at our house, Maddison slept at the cousin's house. It's always fun when the kids get cousin time! They all love their cousins so much! It's great!

We took the girls and Tyler to the Ivins Splash Pad for a little fun before we had to meet and make the swap! Harper and Mazie were blowing bubbles in the water! It was so cute!!!

3 weeks ago, Randy's mom had her knee replacement surgery. This one has been quite a bit harder on her than the first one. The first one, she sailed through. I kept telling her that it wasn't normal how well she was doing on that one. Well, this one has been totally different! It's so sad to see her in pain and depressed thinking that this is how it's going to be forever :( It's been a rough one for her. She went to Dairy Queen on Friday with all the girls, she even bought dinner for us! She did good while she was out for that little bit. Today, she was cruising around pretty good! It's getting better, but it's NO FUN! Knee replacements SUCK! I hope she starts getting better soon.

Harper and Uncle Cory enjoying some old Disneyland photos on his computer! 
She loves her Uncle Cory!

Last week, I spent a full week passing my 23rd kidney stone. It was pretty bad. I got a priesthood by Randy and our neighbor, Kurt. After that blessing, I knew I would be able to pass it at home. It was extraordinarily painful. It was killing me. But I knew if I did what I was responsible to do to pass it, that it would be done at home. There were a few times I almost gave up and went to the ER, but I held out. Sunday, after a full week of pain (during the last week of school.... awesome!) it came down to a violent 45 minute episode. Throwing up, horrific pain, shaking, sweating, diarrhea and feeling like I was going to pass out......  IT PASSED! What a relief! I'm so grateful I was able to stay at home. Those buggers are really difficult :(

Summer has been fun, so far. We got a summer, family pass to Sand Hollow Aquatic Center. We've been over there every day or so, swimming! It's been great, but the kids are POOPED! It's been late nights and crazy sleep schedules, so we're going to crack down this week a little and get these kids some rest!
Harper was all dolled up to go to Grandma and Grandpa Clyde's house today! Sunday dress, purse, baby doll and her shades! She's ready!!!! 

So there's a lot to catch up on and blogging/journaling had always been a priority for me, so I am re-dedicating myself to record our family's happenings! I'm excited to get into it again! Sometimes it will be short posts and sometimes it will be longs posts, but I'm going to do the best I can so my family has a record of how we lived! Wish me luck!!!!


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