The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, December 12, 2008

A big THANK YOU!!!

To everyone who has been concerned for Tyler. I talked to the doctor a couple times today and what did I find out? If he is fully immunized (and he is), the risk of him getting whooping cough is really low. Even with his compromised lung, he SHOULD be OK. He also told me that if we ever were worried about him having whooping cough or being exposed to it, we can go to the ER where they can do a nasal secretion test for pertussis. I love that our doctor is so knowledgeable about our son's condition and will answer my calls for advice. We have the best doctor ever!!! When we were leaving Primary Children's, when Tyler was a baby, the staff at PCMC was insisting on us getting a pediatrician, we expressed how happy we are with our doctor, they still strongly suggested a pediatrician. Our doctor is a family doctor and when they called Dr. Chamberlain to give him the discharge info on Tyler, they all came to us and let us know how impressed they were with him. He knew all about Tyler already and was prepared to take the best care of him. If there have ever been times when Tyler needed a specialist, Dr. Chamberlain has sent us to the right ones. I trust him so much. He really has done a lot for our family and we appreciate that. With Tyler, he has re-written medical books by being so healthy, but we can't take that for granted. We must always be on our toes. Thank you for all of your concern. We hear your prayers and appreciate them very much. If you want more info on diaphragmatic hernias and what Tyler has been through, you can click on the pink and blue ribbon to the right.


Rachel Doyle said...

That is such great news - It's always so hard having a child that you have to be extra careful with. I am always paranoid about Hannah's heart - like you - I do not want to have to watch my little girl sit in ICU ever again.

Aleisha said...

I am so glad to hear that!!