The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday

Who's birthday is it anyway? Just remember what this next couple of days is all about. I have the coolest friends and family and I hope you all have a great holiday. Merry Christmas everyone!!!


JeMM said...

You are beautiful! I hope your day was wonderful!
I love the Christmas music too. I was thinking how much I will miss it! Bummer.

Malea said...

I can't remember if I told you that I downloaded Right Here by Brandy 'cause of you. It's now on two of my playlists.

Michelle Campbell said...

Hey Hopie, I hope you and your family had a wonderful christmas! I love the christmas music too. When I got on your blog Boys to Men was singing Silent Night and I had to laugh cause that CD is in my truck and we just listened to that song. haha. I'm so glad your son is doing well. I clicked on the ribbon like you told me to and learned a lot. That sounds so scary, but your son looks sooo healthy! That's great! So, you guys got snow too. We got more than I've ever seen in my life here, and it even took 3 days to melt completely. It was beautiful, but I'm glad it's gone. I'm not a big fan of snow, hence the reason I live in Henderson, NV. :) Merry late christmas!

I'm Stitching as fast as I can said...

Hopie, Thanks for always commenting on my blog.
In reference to my last post, I am finding out that more and more of us have some pretty sad trials to overcome.
Love ya