The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 cool+ 2 be= 4 gotten

School is almost out!!! I love summer. We get to do whatever we want and there is no schedule to follow other than swim at Gina's house or play at the splash pad everyday!!! It's easy to go from day to day and think that I'm not making a difference in my kid's lives, then I remember when I was in 1st and 3rd grade and it puts into perspective how much we are influencing our kids everyday.

Randy in first grade at Hurricane Elementary!!!
Hopie's first grade picture, West Elementary.

Tyler in first grade!!! He's done such a good job. He reads like a pro, didn't have any problems at all!!! He has good manners and we are so proud of him.

Randy in 3rd grade. Notice the shirt, his mom made it!!! Cool, huh? You know how you always wear your favorite clothes for picture day? 9 out of 12 of his school pictures, he's wearing a red shirt!!!! Yea, he still loves red!!!

Here I am in 3rd grade. Like the hair? It was very stylish for then, I will have you know!!!

And Maddison this year, 3rd grade!!! She had a hard time with math at first this year, which was a challenge because everything has always been so easy for her, but she welcomed the challenge and kicked it in the butt. She is such a cool daughter.

It's so fun to have another school year come to an end, but it's scary to see our kids growing up so fast. Next thing you know, they'll be graduating!!!! EEEKKKK!!!! I should start therapy now so I can get a handle on my emotions!!!!


Clark Family said...

It is scary how fast they grow. My baby just went to Nursery for the first time and Sunday and it was heart-breaking! Isn't there something to freeze the time? LOL I wish!

Malea said...

No Time Freezers allowed! I love the kids growing up. They have conversations with me, they can all walk without help, they can clean the kitchen, take out the trash, tell funny jokes, and walk through airport security all on their own.

I agree with the summer thing. Peanut butter jellies for breakfast/lunch/dinner, bath's in the city pool, showers in the backyard sprinklers, and bedtime without the stress of getting them in bed on time.

Brenda said...

Therapy...that might be a good idea! Ryan will be 18 in January. Andrea, 16 in December. Oh my heck, I DO need therapy! By the way, cute pictures.

Erin said...

Fun to see your Elem. pics! I think those hair styles are coming back!

Nettie said...

summer is therapy. a relaxing break. a time when you can talk with your kids about whatever you want and not having to worry that they are missing something more important. just snuggle them and splash with them, and they will always come back for more. baking yummy food helps keep them coming back too! lol I love the farah fawsett due... very nice, I think you should do that one again.