The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Randy!!!!

Today is Randy's 35th birthday!!! The first thing I want to do is tell him mom thank you for raising such a good son for me to marry. Randy entered this world a lot faster than most and he's left an impression on a lot of people starting with the doctor!!! (He was born so fast, the doctor didn't have time to change and let's just say he needed new shoes after Randy came!!!) There are a lot of things that I love about Randy and that make him the unique person he is, I thought today would be a perfect day to celebrate him!!!

I love that Randy is a goof ball. Never a dull moment with him around!!!

I love that he loves his (and mine) family.

I love that he serves people.

I love that even in the depths of bronchitis, he still wanted to spend time with us a Disneyland and ended up falling asleep on this park bench.

I love that he was worthy to take me to the Temple and that will always be a priority for him.

I love that he likes to take us on motorcycle rides!!!

I love that he takes his talents seriously and shares then with everyone!!!

I love that he is social and enjoys taking the kids and I to events.

I love that he likes spending time with me.

I love that he values family time and shows love and respect for his family, there is a good reason his mom dubbed him the "peacemaker" in his family.

I love that despite all my many flaws, he loves me unconditionally. He's always been slow to anger and quick to forgive... that makes life easier for all of us.

I love that he's handy and if he doesn't know how to do something, he'll ask for help and figure it out!!!

I love that he lets me make fun of him on occasion, like when our friend, Jeff picked him up on his bike to go fix Randy's bike!!! I'm still laughing thinking about the 2 of them riding together!!!

I love that he supports our families always, in everything they do, from dance recitals to Temple endowments.

I love that he's not afraid of babies or baby poop!!!

I love that he knows how to have fun with friends!!!

I think he's just a hottie ;)

I love that he helped me make 3 beautiful children and is a wonderful father.

I love that he decorates that he decorates the gingerbread houses with the kids at Christmas time!!!

I love that he lets me drive, and drive way too fast without saying anything!!!

I love that he appreciates the outdoors and that he can hunt and fish (including gutting the animals...ewwwww)

I love that he is physically fit and can do things, like haul wood, that a lot of men can't do!!!

I love that he's a hard worker. No one works like those Clyde boys, and am I glad!!!

I love that he has a sense of humor and will dress up for Halloween!!!

I love that he will dance!!!

I love that he said yes to being in the Bishopric even when it scared the crap out of both of us. He respects and honors the Priesthood that he holds. And I think that's sexy!!! WOOHOO!!!

And I think THIS is sexy!!!! HEHE!!!!

Those are just a few of the reasons that I love Randy. I don't know how I ever got so lucky to get a husband like him.

Randy, happy birthday!!! I love you!!!!


SteveJ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY --- You Old Man!!!!

Have a great B-Day!!

Malea said...

OH, not another year older; just another year sexier in my opinion.

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Randy. I hope you great Birthday.

Misty said...

Happy Birthday Randy!!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Randy!

Erin said...

No fair! Kenny never lets me drive when we're togehter! :) Looks like a great hubby and a perfect match for you! Hope he has a great b-day!

the Alton clan said...

Yea, Randy is a pretty Rad Dude...they don't make many like him (and I've been around A LOT of boys in my life) Happy belated b-day Randy! This was a very cool tribute to him Hopie!

Shad and Laura said...

HAHAHAHA! Both of you are awesome. I just want to know what kind of cake he got for his birthday!

The Palmers said...

What a great post!