The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Word to your Mutha.....

So, with it being Mother's Day and all, I decided to do a post about 2 of the best moms I know. This is my mom. Like I have taught my kids, sometimes you're not born to the mom that is meant to raise you. That was the case when I was born. I was not born to her and my dad, but it's very obvious that I was supposed to be their daughter. I was lucky right from the beginning to have her in my life. The very first thing she did for me was refuse to let my biological mom name me Chastity. That's right, Chastity. I'll take Hope over that ANY DAY!!!! She has always been a great mom. She has raised me to know that I have self worth and I can always love myself and no one gets the right to put me down. A lesson I hope my girls learn. She raised 5 girls and then took on me. What a brave woman!!! She loves women and what we are all about. She is the perfect mom for me. Even though she doesn't like my blog and probably wont read this... Mom, I love you and hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day!!!!

And this is Peggy. She is Randy's mom.

I call her mom too, because it is my way of showing respect for her and showing her how much I love her. Not everyone has a mother-in-law like mine. She is never critical (although I give her enough reasons to be). She did a great job raising my husband. Always showing him love and sacrifice and teaching him the value of service. I have so much love for her. She is amazing in so many ways, but the best is what she is at the core. She is a genuinely good woman that I can look up to and try to model myself after. Peggy is the #1 fan of my blog, and I love that!!! I know you will read this, so, I love you and I am so lucky to have you in my life. Thanks for being the person you are. I love you!!!!

So, I've also been blessed to be around so many wonderful women. My Grandma Albrecht has always been a huge influence on me. She has taught me so many lessons that I think about every day. I have the best sisters in the world, aunts that are wonderful and best friend's moms that have also been a huge part of my life. When it comes to strong women, I have been surrounded by them my whole life. I thank my Heavenly Father for sending all these great people to teach me and guide me. Happy Mother's Day to all women. We are all mothers in one way or another!!!


I'm Stitching as fast as I can said...

You are so blessed.
I sure do miss my Mom.
It is amazing to me how unselfish a Mother is.
Happy Mother's Day.

Fer said...

Happy belated mother's day!