The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Olympics according to Hopie

I absolutely LOVE the Olympics. I have all of it DVRed and for the next couple of weeks, I will not be getting ANYTHING done because of it. I love how inspiring they are, I love the hard work and training that goes into it, let's face it, they Olympics is NOT for wussies!!!! But there are some things that pop into my head as soon as I turn on my TV to watch these amazing athletes. You know me, I can't keep those kinds of thoughts to myself, so... ENJOY!!!!

Let's talk about.....

Luge- let's just jump on this TINY sled and go as fast as we can down a track and try not to die!

Double Luge- first let's talk about the camel toe that we all get to enjoy. And WHO thought, "hey, let's (two guys) put on some spandex, lay on top of each other and go down this track, while not trying to die!!!". SERIOUSLY!!!!

Women's Ice Skating- elegance and grace
(and if we remember a few years back, BROKEN KNEES!!!!)

Men's Ice Skating- all I'm going to say is that one Russian boy's bangs FREAKING ROCK!!!
So cute!!! (said with a lisp)

Curling- so challenging that a woman that is 5 months pregnant can do it!!! Let's see if she can do it while doing her daughter's hair and making doctor's appointments on the phone. Now THAT'S a sport and I'm willing to bet she'd get GOLD in THAT event!!!!

Anything with Apolo Ohno- OH YES!!!!

Snowboarding- HELLO!!!! Who else do you know that can rock anything like that other than Shaun White???? I bet all those kids in elementary school that made fun of him for his red hair are sorry now!!!!

Hockey- thank you to all the dentists and plastic surgeons in the world that will make hockey players look normal again!!! (no picture needed)

Now, I know I didn't cover every event or every athlete, if I had, I surely would have said something about changing Louie Vito's name to "Lemme Kissyou". Wouldn't you agree that would be a better name for him?

The reason I can't continue on, because you know I have more to say then THIS, is because I must continue being glued to NBC!!!!!!

I bet you wont look at the games the same again!!!!



Clark Family said...

Love you Girlie!!! And yes Brian did deliver!!! lol

Dowdlefam said...

I am with you. GLUED to the TV. I even watched the biathlon events. I am glad I am not the only Olympic freak!

Megan said...

It's sad to say, I didn't even know the Olympics were on... I guess that's what you get when you don't have TV... But thanks Hopie for your version of them.... Now I am going to have to see if they are on the internet. Love you!!!

Jeremy Reynolds Family said...

you always make me laugh. Hey kids don't make fun of red heads. They are super cute and you never know what they might accomplish in life!

Brenda said...

We LOVED Shaun White...and watching Evan win the men's figure skating. Great games this year!