The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, February 22, 2010

Who ARE you?

An interesting situation came into my home this week that got me thinking. The situation was that I was accused of not doing anything and what I do, I am not that good at. Now, said with sarcasm or not, it made me really angry. I know I put on a tough shell, so everyone thinks I'm a tougher girl than I am. That's my fault, and I am not going to change it, having said that, those words that were said to me were hurtful and insulting. It got my mind racing this weekend.

What AM I?

I know that I am a daughter of a King, a child of God. I know that my self worth is more important to me then anything. If I don't love myself, I can't love anyone else. So I MUST love who I am.

I don't cook well, but my family stays nourished, I don't do foofoo crafts, but my house is full of cutesy stuff, I'm not a good seamstress, but why should I be if I have a Wal-mart to go to? All these things that people do that make them feel good are not what make them up as a person. It's not what you do in life, it's WHO YOU ARE. I am sad for those who's self esteem is low and need to feel loved and be made special by others, mine comes from within. My parents raised me to be a confident person, one who doesn't care about what everyone thinks of me, but what I think of myself.

I am a stay at home mom that runs my family. Randy and I chose that life for us and our family. I know that there are circumstances that are different than mine and I understand that everyone is different than me, but the bottom line is that I am satisfied with the way I am taking care of my family, and Randy is satisfied with it also. I do not need to please anyone else with ANYTHING I do in my life.

I hope with this experience, I can understand the things that I should not do to others. How I need to be careful to not make anyone feel the way I have felt and do my best to understand everyone and not judge. It is not my place to judge you as it is not your place to judge me. I hope this makes me a better person, a stronger person, after all, that's what life is all about. So, the question maybe we should all ask ourselves... WHO AM I?


Travis and Meghan said...

I love to read your blog!! That post was just what I needed. Thanks for uplifting me today and for being so honest!! See you at SEP's!!

Malea said...

You found the Song!!! Now I can Zumba to your blog:) I love this about you, dear Hope. You were the most honest and confident teenagers I knew. The best part is, you are the same now as always. Well, 'cept the man you keep around now. I think he suits you the best. Isn't it funny how Randy has been with you for a million years now, but so many still remember (and define, sort of)you when you dated Scott? I think it takes a pretty rad person to still be such good friends with his family. They're good people.

Peggy Clyde. said...

You are awesome and don't you forget it. I love you.

Our ABC Family said...

Hope, you are a truly amazing woman, and one I have looked up to a lot. It's sad that people think they have to judge others when sometimes they are the ones who need to take a step back and look at their own lives. We were all raised differently, we all have our own opinions of what is right and wrong, and we have to go with that. I wish people were more open and understanding to that but unfortunately there are those out there who feel a need to bring down and hurt others. You just keep doing what you're doing! You are an amazing woman who has been through so much, and has grown so much from those experiences. Keep your head up, know that there are many of us who love and admire all that you do! You are someone important to me!

Misty said...

Boo for people that put others down...even sarcastically! I've always admired you Hope, and this post makes me admire you even more.

Jamaica said...

What I hate is when people think that stay at home moms do not do anything. When in fact they do tons. Here is a list of jobs they perform everyday: juggler, taxi driver, nurse, maid, chef, referee, accountant, teacher, seamstress, mom, and wife. So, Hope, I look at it this was you are one strong person. It take a special person to take on all those jobs at once. So the next time someone says something about how you perform all job, just tell them that it seems that I am doing THEM just fine because ALL of my bosses do not complain.

the Alton clan said...

You know Hopie that your kids are some of the most well-behaved, loving, well-adjusted children I know and if that's all there was to show for what you do...I'd say you're doing more than JUST FINE! But I know you don't need the reassurance cause you've always been happy with yourself and that's one of the many things I love about you. But I know that you DO a lot of stuff...and really well. Your a devoted wife and mother, an amazingly loyal friend, a fantastic photographer, a consistant housekeeper, a reliable church member who fulfills their callings with a touch of fun, an involved family member, someone who'd watch anyone's children with love and at ANY time...even if it put you at risk, etc. Your honest and opinionated ways are refreshing and when people get to know you they can really see the HUGE heart you have...obviously this person must not see that...which is sad.