The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Randy!!!!

Today is such a great day. It's Randy's 36th birthday!!!! With it being this close to Mother's Day, it makes me think of his mom today so much. I feel like she needs to be celebrated for pushing such an enormous baby out!!!! He was almost 10 pounds!!!! SHE needs to be the one celebrated today, but we'll wait until tomorrow to party with her!!!! But anyhow, I scanned some pictures to celebrate Randy's birthday!!!!

Happy birthday to my amazing husband!!!!!!

And in no particular order.......

To those BEAUTIFUL blue eyes!!!!

To the fact that you married the youngest of 6 girls and you are not afraid of the repercussions, this time it was getting ribbons put in your hair. Not only did you allow it, you ROCKED it!!!!

To the sexiest man I have EVER seen in a kilt!!!

For the sense of humor that you have perfected!!!

The way you embrace "Earl" for Halloween!!!!

Here's to you for rocking those who need to be rocked,
whether it's your grown nephew that is 6" taller than you......

Or your mother-in-law that just really needed to be rocked!!!!! haha!!!

Here's to taking Tyler on his daily 4 wheeler ride to get him to sleep one year when we were camping with mom and dad!!!

A man who REALLY loves being out in the woods!!!

Sacrificing your fishing time to bait and re-bait the kid's lines!!!!

Here's to those yummy biceps that hold up our
lubba-lubba girls when they're babies!!!
Here's to taking me dancing when I'm HUGE pregnant with Cambelle and
STILL telling me that I'm sexy!!!!
Here's to the mischievousness behind all the tricks you play!!!

You've been the best student I've ever had in "self portrait" classes ;)

When times are REALLY hard, REALLY, REALLY hard, I can always lean on you. This is the day after we had Tyler and couldn't be awake one more minute.

Like Jasper in Twilight, you can effect every one's mood, and usually that means being a total goof for the betterment of mankind!!!!

Here's to the crazy laugh I got when you came down the parade route in the
"cow train" for the Roundup parade!!!!
(notice NO other adults are in the "cow train")

Thank you for being our daughter's first dance partner.

Here's to babies sleeping on you!!!! (Tyler)

And Maddison.

And thanks for being such dang good "arm candy"!!!!!

Randy, I love you so much and I hope your birthday has some fun times that you will remember!!!! He's out paint balling with a bunch of friends and family right now, so you know that's a good time!!!!!

I'm so glad for the man you have turned out to be this first 36 years, I can't wait to see what the next 36 year have in store!!!
I love you, baby!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


Peggy Clyde. said...

Happy birthday my second born son. I love you so much.

Lindsay said...

happy birthday randy! i want to know if he will decorate his own cake or if you will take over?

Malea said...

Ah that was Just to cute! He does have some piercing eyes doesn't he? And double rawr to your wedding pic. You are a sexy thang, Hopie. Always have been, always will.

sandy said...

Happy Birthday Randy, I hope you have a great one!

Lacey said...

What a great tribute! You guys are great together!

Misty said...

Hope your birthday was awesome, Randy!!

Rachel Doyle said...

Happy Birthday Randy!

Brenda said...

Fun Tribute. Happy Birthday Randy.