The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, May 10, 2010

Guns and tears

As you know, this weekend was Randy's birthday, but not to over shadow Mother's Day, I will re-post my blog from last year by putting THIS LINK to the tribute to the moms last year!!!! How cheap is THAT? I don't want to make light of this great holiday, I just don't have the time to do a foofy post with a 4 month old in the home!!!! My time is best spent by kissing the baby instead of doing all the other stuff I normally do!!!!

Anyhow, lots of people helped make Randy's birthday special, including Paul for making their famous "Randy brownies" just for him!!!! I think it's cool that Paul and Heather know just what makes my husband tick, and those brownies are AMAZING!!!!!
Randy always LOVES what he gets for his birthday and Christmas, but sometimes, just sometimes, he gets something REALLY COOL!!!!! This year, he got some fun presents. He got a gift card to get some new Lip Trix (his cousin's skate and snow shop) shirts, he got a new paintball gun, paintballs and other stuff to go with it all, his brother refinished his 4 wheeler seat for him with his parents buying the vinyl for it, he also got a gun holder for his pistols that goes in his gun safe.

BUT, the big one, the HUGE one, has a little story behind it. When Grandma and Grandpa Campbell were alive, Grandma used to love to deer hunt and Grandpa bought her a 30/30 Winchester to use. When they died, the siblings drew for the big stuff that needed to be divided, that gun being one of them, Randy's mom drew it!!!! Peggy's not much of a gun fan and it's been in Jim's gun safe, untouched for years. Well, Randy started working on his mom that he wanted "Grandma's gun" for his birthday. Yesterday when he was opening presents, his dad brought in Grandma's gun. You have to know what this did to my husband. There was a loss of words because if he would have talked all you would hear is crying. He feels so much pride in having that gun now. He is excited to clean and oil it and never use it!!!! It's such a treasure for him. I'm so glad his mom finally caved ;) and gave it to him!!!!

There has only been one other time that a present made him cry and that's when my Aunt Vicky gave him some baseball cards and a baseball autographed by Greg Maddux. He is a HUGE Brave's fan and at the time, Greg was still playing for the Braves. That Christmas morning was filled with uncontrollable tears and yesterday was no different!!!!

I am so happy for Randy!!! He is a happy boy!!!! I guess that's what birthdays are all about, feeling special for the ONE day per year that is YOURS!!!!

Thanks, mom for making my husband feel like a little boy again, looking up to his Grandma and her cool gun!!!!!

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Peggy Clyde. said...

You are welcome. I'm glad I don't have it any more and I am glad that you have it. Take good care of it. I love you.