The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A weird playdate!!!!

So, Cambelle had her stitches in for 9 days and it was time to get them out!!! Last Thursday was the day!!! She was having her friend, Ky come over to play. Well, Cambelle wanted Ky to go with her for the big event. Ky has had some health issues in the past, so I called her mom to makes sure she wouldn't freak out by going into Instacare and ask if that would be ok. Her mom told me she would be fine, so we proceeded with our plans!!!

Look at those beautiful browns!!!! Ask me why she gets everything her little heart wants!?!
Thursday morning, I got a call from Ky's mom asking if I was still planning on going to Instacare after I got the girls from school (Cambelle and Ky are in the same class and we carpool) and I told her yes. Well, Ky's doctor had called that morning and needed her to go to the Sunset Instacare for some blood work. Her mom suggested that we just meet there and do the two girls at the same time!!!!

Waiting for their TURNS!!!

The girls were THRILLED!!!! Cambelle would get to go with Ky for her to get "poked" and Ky would get to go with Cambelle to get her stitches out!!!! WHAT A PLAYDATE!!!!! How funny is THAT?

Good times!!!

I guess this is a playdate we wont ever forget!!!! It's good to have FRIENDS!!!!

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