The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good bloody hell!!!!

Tuesday evening, we went to Target for the kids to spend their allowance. When we got home, Randy and I went across the street and were talking to our neighbors outside. I knew the kids would be opening their new things and I had no worries about that.

Well, some time after we had been out there talking, Tyler ran out of the house and yelled, "CAMBELLE CUT HERSELF, WE NEED HELP!!!!!". Thinking it was probably nothing, I asked Randy if he would go take care of it. It was about 30 seconds later, Tyler ran back out of the house again and yelled, "DAD SAID COME NOW!!!". So, I knew it was time to get my butt in the house.... quickly.

What did I find? Cambelle sitting in the bathroom sink, blood EVERYWHERE (and when I say everywhere, I mean..... EVERYWHERE, it was on the mirror, counter, sink, door, cupboards, floor, wall, light switch, and every other surface in the bathroom). It looked like a murder had happened. Randy was trying to rinse her finger off to see how bad the cut on her finger was. It was so bad that it wouldn't stop bleeding. What I could see, it was obvious that we needed to get stitches.

I called my mom and dad and pretty much said, "come here now, we're going to Instacare with Cambelle, please put the kids to bed". I wrapped a wash cloth around her bleeding finger and told her to hold it. We got in the car and were off!!!! By the time I got her checked into Instacare, she had taken the wash cloth off and it had stopped bleeding. Looking at it..... oh yes, stitches. The tip of her pointer finger on her left hand was filleted wide open!!!!

We went back, the nurse took one look at the wound and took us to the "procedure" room... GREAT!!!! It happens to be the same room Cambelle got staples in her head a few years ago!!!!

The doctor came in, took one look and confirmed that she would need stitches. Because of all the nerve endings in your finger tips, topical cream wouldn't work..... a block would be needed!!! OUCHIE!!!!!
Thank goodness we had a nurse that understood that this pregnant mommy would NOT be able to see her baby getting needles in her hand and told me when not to look. Cambelle cried a little, but didn't flinch A BIT!!!!! The doctor said that she was the most brave 5 year old he has ever seen, and he was being serious about it. He kept telling us that kids her age NEVER hold that still. We were proud of her.
3 stitches and a purple wrap later, we were on our way!!!! We have to keep it covered, dry and then get the stitches out 9 days later. She's been a good sport about it. That night when the numbing was wearing off, she was crying and whimpering in her sleep :( Poor baby. She was a little crankier than normal the next morning, but nothing after that!!!! SHE ROCKS!!!!
She has learned a big lesson, never use the "big" scissors. And I have learned a big lesson, blood is hard to get out of carpet!!!! It started out about the size of a hand towel and I have it down to about the size of a 50 cent piece!!!! It's been a bugger, though!!!!

Anyhow, we are glad that is all that happened!!!! She is such a tough, little nut!!!


Heidi said...

Poor little Campbell. I hope she gets feeling better soon.

Mike and Amanda said...

Poor thing! Glad she is okay!!!

Rachel Doyle said...

These darn girls of ours -- what's with cutting fingers off?