The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun family time!!!

This has been such a fun weekend!!!! It started out with some of my family coming up from Vegas. Joanna, Marc and their daughter, Savanna came up to meet Harper and spend the day with us. It was a BLAST!!!!

Then, my Grandma Albrecht, her brothers and sisters came for the weekend. It's an annual thing for them to get together and play the whole weekend. My kids call them, "Grandma Albrecht and all the other Grandmas and those 2 guys"!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! Hey, for little kids to remember a bunch of names of Grandmas that all look the same and the 2 guys that come with them is pretty hard!!!! I don't think "the Grandmas" or "those 2 guys" mind too much!!! We got to see them on Thursday and Friday!!!!

Other than this weekend being Easter, my niece, Brittney was also blessing her baby, Liam. So, Brandon and Lacey were here from Kingman, AZ and Amy and Dan were here from Vegas!!!

This is how Brandon says, "I LOVE MY AUNT HOPIE!!!" haha!!!
Some people are so offended by other people flipping the bird, but not my family. It's just funny to us!!!!
And sometimes, it's even looked at as a compliment!!!
That's how we know we are being thought of!!! haha!!!

On Saturday, we all loaded up and went to Zion for the day!!! It was Lacey's first time, so we were pretty excited for her to experience it!!! We hiked and laughed and ate some sugar cookies that Blanche made. We took Lacey through the tunnel for her first time and then ended up at Blanche's house for an egg hunt with all the kids!!!

What a great day!!! I can't think of anything I would rather do than spend a day with my family!!! The love and respect we have for one another fills my heart!!! I was sad that more of my sisters couldn't experience it with us!!! Launa has to work on Saturdays, so she couldn't come. I was super sad.

Sunday was Liam's big day!!!! He is 3 weeks older than Harper. His dad, Chuck, is in the Army and will be getting deployed again in June, so it was great to have him around this weekend and to see the priesthood in action. I am so lucky to be surrounded by men that honor the priesthood!!!

It's weird to think that next week is Harper's blessing!!! I got her dress last weekend in Vegas and can't WAIT to see her in it!!!
Here's to a great weekend with great people and great thoughts about our Savior and that he lives again!!! I hope your Easter weekend was as fun as mine!!!


Kellie said...

Sounds like a GREAT time!!! :)

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