The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shopping baby!!!!!

Last Saturday, I got to have one of the funnest days I can remember EVER!!!! My niece, Brookie, is going on a mission and needed to go shopping, so we all piled into my car and made a day of it in VEGAS!!!!!

It was me, Blanche, Brittney, her baby, Liam (9 weeks old), Harper (6 weeks old), Brookie, Brookie's friend, "Shorty" and Amy. We had such a blast. We shopped and shopped and had really good success. Not only did the missionary get some cute clothes, so did the rest of us!!!

Harper and Liam.... the stars of the show!!!

I was a little nervous about taking Harper. She was too little for the stroller we have, but we would make do. She did ok for being so young, I think!!! You should have heard all the people when we would walk into a store, they would coo at the first baby and then they would see the second baby and it was like they had never seen a baby in their whole life!!!! So fun!!!

So fun to have a pink one and a blue one!!! Best of both worlds!!!

We laughed and laughed. In fact, we laughed so hard we cried a few times!!! When Brookie wanted to know how to "get down" (she meant the elevator), Brittney and I thought she wanted to know how we "GET DOWN". So, there we were, dancing in the isles!!!! Another fun time was right after that when we got on the elevator and Blanche announced to everyone that we were "GOING DOWN"!!!! hahaha!!!! It was great fun!!!!

We all have the most supportive husbands ever. None of them put pressure on us to get home or to not spend money or anything else that a husband could make a big deal about. We are all so blessed!!!

We got to eat lunch at Macayo's (my favorite) and then more shopping!!!! It was late by the time we got home, but boy oh boy did we ever score!!!

Blanche and Liam!!! He was such a good boy!!! Blanche wasn't all that bad, either!!!
Harper struggled to go to sleep. This stroller is too big for her until she's about 4 or 6 months old!!!
We made it work, though!!!

Thanks for letting me crash your party, Brookie!!! The only thing that would have made the day better would be having mom, Launa and Lacey there to join in on the fun!!! It really was a day that I hope I never forget!!!! I love you so much!!!!!


Our ABC Family said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast! not that i'm surprised at all with that crowd! :) Harper sure is a cutie!

Jeremy Reynolds Family said...

How fun! Those babies are beautiful. So precious.

Kellie said...

Sounds like soooooo much FUN!!! But with you involved it's always a GREAT time!!! Both babies are so stinkin cute!!!