The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A big medical day!!!

Today I had an OB appointment with Dr. Chamberlain. A few highlights....

*He gave me the ok to go on this ONE last trip to Disneyland (we leave Wednesday morning).

*I made him predict what he thinks this baby will be (no, we don't know. We like the surprise). He has been right with all 3 of ours. He said as much as he would like to say boy, but he's guessing girl!!! That's what Randy thinks, so he's pretty happy that Dr. Chamberlain said girl also!!!

*My blood pressure is good (120/58, for you mom because I know you always want to know the number!!!).

*I failed my glucose test (176, it shouldn't be over 140), so I get to do the 3 hour test. No matter how much I argued with him, he's sticking to it that it's high enough to get to the next round of tests :( He advised me to watch my starches and sugar intake until the next test, next week. (there goes my planned diet of churros and Cokes all day at D'land)

*The baby's head is down, I thought it was laying transverse (sideways), but he was able to feel the head down low and what I thought was the bum and the head are actually the body!?! I think we're in for a big one!!!

*We talked about upping my anti-depressant. I get pretty good post-partum depression after I have babies. It's not good. I get pretty mean and I don't like knowing that I am hurting those I love, so we're going to up my dosage and if I don't grow more tolerance in the next few weeks, he will put me on a different kind. PPD is NOT a joke to Dr. Chamberlain and for that I am grateful.

*I talked to him about Tyler's meds for reflux and he changed the medication he had prescribed. It was going to cost us $140.00 per month and now it's only $8.00 We just have to teach Tyler to swallow a pill but because of my wonderful Aunt Iva, we know how to do that now!!! With Tic Tacs!!! They learn with Tic Tacs and it's no big deal!!!! I'm not worried about that till we get home next week.

Then we have the blood work that we got to do today for the CDH research!!!! I will have to do a whole post about that one!!!! Let's just say, it was entertaining just watching Randy while I was getting MY BLOOD drawn!!!! Stay tuned for more details!!!!

So it was a big day, some good news and some bad news, but I guess that's how it usually goes!!!!

I will be busy tomorrow getting our family of 5 ready for Disneyland for the last time before we're a family of 6!!!!! It's going to be a great trip!!!!

Have a good day, everyone!!!


Heidi said...

Sounds like everything is going good. Have Fun in Disneyland. Wish we were going. I for some reason is guessing it is a boy.

Rachel Doyle said...

I was guessing girl -- so we'll see! Don't mess with that glucose test - diabetes sucks -- but its better than having a sick baby or worse. Love ya and have fun in Disneyland!

Ronni Blair said...

I failed the 1 hour glucose test 2 times and so I had to dot he 3 hour one and luckily both times I did really good for those 3 hours. Its such a gross drink. The 3 hour one tastes like sprite....but not really. Good luck!