The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year!!!!

I'm soooo ready for 2010 to be over!!! I'm looking forward to 2011 and the good times that are going to be had this year!!! Our Christmas was GREAT!!! We started out Christmas Eve with my family at my house for our annual party. Christmas morning after the kids saw what Santa brought them, we called my parents and they came over to watch the kids open presents. It was so fun!!!

After that, we always eat donuts and go to Randy's parent's house. We all get spoiled by the Clyde's!!!! This year's code (remember LAST YEAR'S code? Read almost to the end of that post to see what I'm talking about) was vowel sounds. It wasn't easy to figure out, but somehow we got it. Randy was oo, like on his presents were words with the oo sound!!! It was fun!!!

One of my favorite presents of the whole day wasn't even for me. When Randy crashed his motorcycle a year and a half ago, I was so thankful that he had such a good helmet and that he wasn't too macho to wear it every time he got on his bike. When he crashed, his head went through the back window of a Ford Explorer. If he didn't have his helmet on, that crash could have easily killed him. Well, that helmet has been sitting next to our piano since the crash. I just couldn't throw it away, it represented how blessed I am to still have my husband. Finally, this Christmas, I asked Randy's brother to make a helmet bag for his crashed helmet so we could keep it forever. I knew Steven could make it, he's made a few of his own. Well, Randy didn't know I had asked him to do that and Christmas morning when Randy opened his present, it was a helmet bag, but what I saw was what Steven embroidered on the bag. GLASS PUNCH!!!!

A glass punch is a tool that Steven has for his work (he's a Utah Highway patrolman) to break windows in emergencies. I laughed SO HARD and Randy had no clue what was so funny!!!! It really was one of the best presents this year!!! THANKS STEVEN!!!!

New Year's Eve was just kind of chilled out this year. I'm tired and didn't want to do anything big. My sister, Blanche and her family along with my parents came over to play games. Well, about halfway through our mean game of Phase 10, someone walked in my carport door, when I looked over, I saw my nephew's daughter. My brain didn't work for a minute, I was so confused. I knew it was Brooklyn, but they live in Kingman, AZ!?! They surprised my sister and came up last night. I LOVE surprises!!!! It was so great to have them here!!! I love Brandon and Lacey so much and it's terrible having them live away. I HATE IT. So any chance we get to see them is always a good time!!!!

After ringing in the New Year and kissing the coolest dude I have ever kissed, it was time to start the year off right!!!! WELCOME 2011!!!!

Last night, the 2 little kids fell asleep early, so Maddison made sure to put our plates out for New Year's Jack. Randy's family has a tradition that if you put your plate on the table on New Year's Eve, if you've been good, Jack Frost will leave a present or 2 on your plate in the night!!! Thank goodness Jack thinks we were all good this year!!!!

We spent today hanging with Blanche's family, playing games, laughing too loud and making inappropriate comments about pretty much everything!!!! It's been fun having my brother-in-law, Michael make jokes about his daughter, Brittney and I having to enroll in over eater's anonymous. She's due in February and I'm due in March, so our bellies are getting quite round!!! It's been great!!!!

Now we're home and I'm pooped!!!! I'm ready to hibernate the next couple of days and snuggle with my family!!! I hope everyone has a good new year!!!!

Obviously Cambelle has been tired, too!!! She is asleep like THIS!?! Yes, I moved
the banana chair so her neck wouldn't hurt!!!


Erin said...

Happy New Year to you Hopie! Love your Disneyland header. :)

Malea said...

New Year's Jack? That is the very first I've heard of it. What a cute tradition!!!

Our ABC Family said...

I love hearing about everyone's holiday traditions!!! How fun is that?! Glad you had a good holiday season! Miss ya tons!