The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh my naked body!!!!

Caution: this post contains inappropriate material for some readers. There is talk of nudity and a situation that would be embarrassing to most people.

Don't say you weren't warned!!!

It was established long ago that I do not possess the gene that makes people embarrassed. Not only is that gene broken, but I don't understand how it works for other people. What does embarrassment help with anything? How is it beneficial to get embarrassed? There are cases in my life when it is probably a good thing I don't posses that trait or I would probably die. This is one of those times!!!!

So, it was about 10:45 last night when I was on Facebook and my neighbor said it was snowing. I wondered if she was in Idaho or something, I didn't think it was snowing here in Sunny Southern Utah. Well, I was going to get in the shower, so I stripped naked in the big room while watching TV with Randy. As I was leaving to get in the shower, Randy heard what he thought was rain and I told him it was snowing. So, we went to the back door to see if it was rain or snow. Keep in mind that it is almost 11pm and our back yard is pretty private. As we stood at our back door, staring into our yard to determine if there was snow or r
ain falling, I caught some movement in the corner of my eye......... our neighbors were in their carport, locking their car doors!!!! I started laughing at the thought of Randy standing in the doorway with our porch light on to light us both up and me, in all my glory, nothing but a smile on my face, in the doorway standing right next to him!!!! Yes, I was completely naked, staring out our back door!!!!!

I ducked to the side, laughing hysterically!!!! Randy stood in awe that I wasn't embarrassed. He just didn't know how it was possible!!!! I surprise him regularly, but I think he's getting better!!! But just imagine what my neighbors saw, if they saw anything!!!!

THIS (7+ month pregnant) hot body......

NAKED!!!!! I know it's scary, no one should see it naked EVER!!!!

I ended the night taking the shower I had planned on before "the incident" and all was well!!!! I think this is one that will be laughed at for a long time!!!! Do I think it's normal for me to laugh so hard at my own stupidity? Probably not, but my mom taught me that if you can't laugh at yourself then no one else should laugh at you!!!! I am just providing some comic relief for everyone!!! I am just giving like that. I will sacrifice!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!

Being naked in the security of my own home has never been a big deal to me and will continue not to be a big deal. I want my kids to be comfortable with their bodies and where better to teach them that within the walls of our own home? I grew up with lots of sisters and a mom that was not overly "modest" if you will. I could never leave the house dressed inappropriately, but if my mom was in the bathtub today when I go to her house, I would not hesitate to go in and chat with her. It's just how we do things and it's ok for us, so I never knew any different. I have always had a positive self image and I think that is why. I plan on passing that on to my kids this same way.

Now, before you get all excited about us being exhibitionists, we don't parade around naked. If we're getting in or out of the shower, we just don't make a fuss about the kids not being clothed and covering up at all times. That's just how our family operates in our home. There's my soap box moment of the day!!!!!

Now back to that picture of me and my hot mama body.....
enjoy your night and don't stand in your doorway NAKED!!!!! :)


D'Launa said...

burning question? Was it raining or snowing? Love You Hopie!

Rachel Doyle said...

ooh baby! I had a similar incident --however it was on my mission -- poor elders :)

Brittney Taylor said...

That is pretty HILARIOUS...I would be one of those people who would die of embarrassment...hee hee...sure love you...

Andrea said...

I love standing in the rain. One summer night it was pouring, it was really late and my husband dared me to go outside naked. I was totally up for it! I stripped and ran and stood in the rain in the backyard, as I got cold and turned to go in, I saw an evil grin come across his face as he slid the sliding door shut and locked it. And he laughed so hard as I banged to get back inside. The really bad part...we lived in a neighborhood on a corner lot, lots of neighbors, thankfully they were asleep. :)

Heidi said...

That is to funny. You look way cute. It is almost time yea i bet you can't wait.