The Clyde Family

The Clyde Family

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thin THIS SUCKAS!!!!!!

Ok, maybe the title was a little over the top, but today is a GREAT day!!!! Yesterday I went to my cardiologist for the 6 month follow-up from my heart surgery. I had an ECHO, a bubble study and an EKG. EVERYTHING came back perfect!!! I'm so happy!!! I didn't have any doubt that it wouldn't, but it's a relief to see that everything is working the way it's supposed to!!!! The other good news? I get to go off my blood thinners!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I can NOT tell you happy I am about that. I hate those suckers. I bleed for hours after shaving, if I scratch myself, I have to debate going to the ER to get cauterized and let's not forget the 6 hour nose bleed. But NO MORE!!!!! I'm so happy!!! We got a letter from the surgeon that did my surgery, Dr. Sherman Sorensen that he was retiring. He is going to get more into the research side of PFO repairs and get congress and insurance companies to see things different. As of now, you have to have 2 strokes to qualify for the repair. Why put people through that? He is a good man and I feel blessed to have him be my surgeon. The #1 surgeon in the world did MY repair!!! That's some serious bragging rights!!!! So, I almost feel like this is the end of "my story" of my PFO repair and all the crap and blessings that came with it. I'm grateful it went the way it did, but I'm happy that it's all over with!!! I can go on and LIVE!!!!!


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Our ABC Family said...

Very good news! And I love the title, you always make me laugh! :)